How to make your own bubbles

make your own bubbles

Have fun in the sun and make your own bubbles for the kids to enjoy. An inexpensive and easy way to keep the children occupied.

Bubble Recipe

  • 1/2 cup of standard washing up liquid and five cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons glycerine (available at the pharmacy).

Mix the ingredients together gently, so that you they don’t get too bubbly. Pour into storage containers and, if possible, leave overnight.


  • You get better bubbles if you blow slowly and gently
  • Children will create a lot of mess with bubbles, so keep it outside.
  • You can colour the mixture with food colouring, but when the bubbles burst the children get sprayed with drops of food colouring, so this is VERY messy.

Dodge Bubble Contest


Stand the kids in a circle and give each a bottle of bubble solution and a bubble wand… Everyone starts blowing bubbles (for about 30 seconds) and the kid in the middle has to “dodge” them. Have your camera on hand for this game… there’ll be plenty of funny moves to capture on film.

Bubble Pictures

This is a great outdoor activity. Set out a plastic covered table. Provide trays of coloured bubble solution (check out our recipe) and drinking straws. Have the kids blow bubbles in the paint trays. Then have them pass a piece of paper through the bubbles to see what patterns they come up with.


Have an adult blow bubbles using a coloured bubble solution.  All the kids will have a piece of plain paper. The children catch the bubble with their paper. The bursting bubbles make designs on the sheets of paper.