How to press flowers

How to press flowers

How to press flowersChildren love pressing flowers, but also the walk in the park or garden to pick them, pressing them and making craft with them. Here’s how to press flowers without making a mess.

  • First of all flowers should be pressed just before they start to droop. This is usually about four to five days after you receive fresh flowers but if you are picking them make sure they are nearly full in bloom;
  • Start by choosing which flowers to press. You could just pick off some beautiful petals to arrange in a pattern (like rose petals) or it could be the whole flower (like lavender or a buttercup).
  • Open a large, heavy book – an atlas, or encyclopaedia works well and l ay a sheet of greased proof paper down inside the book.
  • Place the flowers or petals onto the paper with another sheet on top (the wax paper will protect the pages of the book from becoming stained as flowers have moisture in them that will seep out as they’re pressed).
  • Stack a LOT of books on top of the book with the flowers in it and leave it for at least a week
  • When the flowers are pressed and dry you can store them in a tupperware box as they will be very fragile.

Then you can you can get creative… making cards, bookmarks, or framing them!