Make & do: Bark rubbings

bark rubbings

bark rubbingsIt is hugely important for kids to still get lots of fresh air and exercise in winter but incentives to get them out when its chilly can be tricky. Bark rubbing is always fun.

All you need is:

  • String to tie the paper onto the tree (you could always just hold it instead)
  • Chunky crayons with their paper removed
  • White paper

Once the paper is held securely, rub the crayon over all of the paper until the pattern of the bark can be seen. That’s it!   As they get older you might encourage your children to label their drawings: what kind of tree it is, the date, what height they rubbed it at, etc.  Encourage them to use lots of different colours and try lots of different trees. Pegging these up on string when you get home makes a beautiful rainbow display of trees.