Make & do: chocolate covered spoons

Choc covered spoons

Choc covered spoonsTo make these yummy gifts go to your local pound store or supermarket and stock up on plastic spoons and own brand chocolate.

Melt some in the microwave on 50% power for about 1min.  Stir, and continue melting and checking every 10 seconds and stirring till its smooth. Dip spoons until generously covered with chocolate (a tiny bit fiddly to do – make sure it’s not too hot.)

Lay them on greaseproof paper to cool down. You can jazz them up by rolling them in sprinkles or drizzling melted white chocolate on top…

You could either munch them! or pop a couple of these with a pack of hot chocolate in a little bit of cellophane and you have a gorgeous visiting gift (or even a little Christmas gift – I’m thinking  teachers, your neighbours, standby gifts etc.)

Happy creating!