Make & do: Easter Bonnet

easter bonnet

easter bonnetYou simply need a straw bonnet with a ribbon to wrap around it. It can be decorated in host of ways.

  1. Little eggs can be glued on made from silver foil rolled into little balls and covered in different coloured tissue paper.
  2. Chicks can be made by sticking googly eyes onto a yellow pompom and adding a little orange triangle cut from paper as a beak.
  3. Flowers can be cut from paper or felt with a different colour circle for their centre and these can be stuck all around the bonnet.
  4. One big tissue paper flower can sit at the front looking magnificent.
  5. To make it you will need tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors.
  • You start by cutting the tissue paper into squares that are about eight inches by eight inches in size.
  • Take three and place them neatly in a pile so that all the edges are aligned.
  • Take one edge of the tissue paper layers and start to fold it like an accordion.
  • Next wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the paper for the flowers stem.
  • Now cut the outside corners of the folded tissue paper so that they are rounded.
  • Gently spread out the tissue paper so that it looks like a fan on either side of the pipe cleaner and gently bring the tissue paper up to form the flower.