Make & do: Mother’s Day love letters

mother's day card

mother's day cardLove letters straight from the heart

Making a love letter for mum is a lovely thing to do and something she will probably treasure forever.

Mother’s day is all about mum feeling appreciated. It doesn’t matter at all if an adult writes the letter, as long as the sentiment comes from the child.

You will need:

  • Paper, glue, bits and bobs from the craft box, and lots of loving thoughts.

Cut out a heart shaped piece of paper and glue liberally around the edges.

Have your child decorate the edges with shells, glitter, buttons or feathers as fancy as they please.

Once dry, write on the paper all the things that are lovely about their mum e.g. “mum you are lovely because…you give me cuddles, you read to me, you are beautiful, etc.” Ask your child to think of things for you to write. I guarantee mum will love this!