Make & do: Shamrock print


ShamrockSt Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on 17 March.  St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. His feast day is celebrated around the world.

According to legend, St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach his followers. The shamrock, which looks like a clover, has three leaves on each stem. St. Patrick told the people that the shamrock was like the idea of the Trinity and represented the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is probably really complicated for a little one so you could just explain that the shamrock is Irish and St Patrick really liked it and used it to teach with!

Making a shamrock print

Chop a potato in half and have your child dip it in paint. Have them splat three times on the paper then dip their finger and use that for the stalk. There you go – a lovely St Patrick’s day card.