Make & do: shoebox shopping

shoebox present

shoebox presentA lovely way to encourage your child to think of others at Christmas is to have them fill a shoebox with all the things a child their age may want or need, Operation Christmas Child send shoeboxes of goodies to little children in deprived areas around the world.

It is lovely for your child to buy sweeties and notebooks, a little flannel and toothpaste and think for a while what another child may get for Christmas.

This annual shopping trip has always been lots of fun for us.  It’s a nice thing to put on your annual Christma s things to do list. For those of you who are mad busy or have missed the collections date you can also now do this online choosing what goes in the shoebox from a selection of goodies.

Your child can still help by sitting on your knee and choosing.  I choose to gift to children the same as age as mine so they can really try aoperation christmas childnd empathise.

N.B this will cost about £15