Make & do: Telling stories

mother and daughter reading

mother and daughter readingWorld Book Day is on 1 March, and is a chance to celebrate and champion a love of books and reading.

You can bring this into your home with stacks of lovely library books and a real commitment to sharing stories. As an adult you can really make a book come alive by doing the voices, creating suspense, drama and emotion. Ham it up – kids love it!

It is also a great idea to develop your story telling skills. This is what we do:

We tell stories in rounds. The littlest kids can join in even if they share just a word. Last time we did this I started and said two lines, then my son, my little girl aged three would add a word, and then daddy would chip in.

Oh the stories we told!  We had a purple dragon who ate a princess castle, a monster who fell down a hole and got stuck because he had drunk all the water. He had to wait until he was thin as a mouse (loosely derived I think from Winnie the Pooh but that’s okay!)  Sometimes my littlest may just suggest a colour or say what the weather is like but she is learning to create stories and it’s fabulous, free fun. Why not have a go?