Make & do: winter olympics

boy with medal

boy with medalWhen it’s too cold to go out but your child is full of energy why not have a winter sports event in your own front room?

You could :

  • Use the sofa cushions for bob sleighing and dolly skiing.
  • Curling is lots of fun you just need a broom and a few balls!
  • Try balancing on a skateboard or tray and dance about a bit for snowboarding.
  • Make up a lovely ice skating routine in your kitchen with fancy costumes and lovely music.
  • Create your own categories such as scooter races and ice cube and spoon races!
  • Medals ceremonies are most important.  Chocolate coins with a ribbon threaded through always make a top prize but you can often find plastic ones very cheaply in the party bag section of a supermarket. No matter how many times they receive it most kids get a real buzz out of receiving a medal.