Make & do: winter table decoration

table decorations

table decorationsOkay this may sound like a craft idea that is seriously NOT fun for an under five but hear me out and I promise you, you will think it’s fab.



All you need for this is:

  • A bowl
  • A cup smaller than the bowl
  • Water
  • Garden bits and bobs
  • A freezer

Send the children out to the garden or have a trip to the park to collect leaves, sticks, berries (you get the berries!) pretty little stones, etc.  Fill the bowl with water and put the cup in the middle (kids love to pour in the water). Then simply add the garden “bits”.  Cinnamon sticks or some fragrant oil dropped in the water will all add a lovely aroma to your centre piece.table decoration

Place in the freezer overnight. Next morning bring it out and let it thaw slightly so you can remove the cup. Pop it back into the freezer till ready to use as a table decoration

This looks wonderful with a lit tea light and makes for a very special centre piece that children are rightly very proud of. Good idea for Christmas day perhaps?