Unleash your kids’ creativity with toys they’ll treasure

collage for kids

Are you fed up with toys that constantly eat batteries, cause headaches and only last a month or two before they’re left lying forgotten in a cupboard? If so then Djeco from Crafts4Kids may be the answer you’re looking for.

Djeco Princess Castle setThe sign of a good toy is one you still remember as an adult. Think back to your childhood – chances are, you can recall many happy hours spent playing with a particular doll’s house, Lego set or craft kit.

After all, there’s more to making a good toy than just something that makes a lot of noise and comes with bleeping flashing lights.

In fact, the best toys often last from one generation to the next, handed down from father to son and mother to daughter.

Craft4Kids share this attitude. Toys can be so much more than just a temporary distraction that kids quickly get bored with. They believe a good toy should capture a child’s imagination, unleash their creative side and help their overall development.

So stop a moment to consider some alternative ways to keep the kids occupied that don’t involve flashing screens, blinking lights or migraine-inducing sound effects.

djeco origami planeCraft4Kids have an amazing range of creative kits by quality toy manufacturer Djeco that appeal to both boys and girls, from toddlers to young teenagers.

Let their imaginations run wild as they try their hand at clay modelling, mosaics, collage, foil art, origami, sand sculpture – or a whole range of fun problem-solving puzzles and art sets.

(The origami planes and the felt tips with flowers sets are particularly popular with little ones – and check out our review of their fantastic magnetic garden puzzle set.)

Your child doesn’t have to be an artistic genius to enjoy being creative, but if you use quality kits like the ones above you’ll be delighted at the quality of the finished product. Not only will your child have a gorgeous memento to keep from their activity, but these kits can really help fire kids’ imagination and encourage their self-expression.

crafts4kids image printingWhile keeping them busily entertained, these toy and craft kits are also brilliant at developing their dexterity and concentration skills. And having one or two of them in the cupboard ready for a rainy day can be a lifesaver when you need to bring the noise levels down a bit at half-term!

Children get engrossed with these activity sets by themselves, but they can also be a really fun, sociable activity where kids can get creative with their friends, siblings or parents.

Don’t be lured into wasting money on the latest expensive toy that will be banished to the attic this time next month. Why not try some more creative toys instead?

After all, there’s only one thing kids never get bored of – and that’s their own imagination!

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