Quality Time: The Best New Year’s Resolution

Image Courtesy of: www.lifehack.org

If your main new year’s resolution is to spend more time with your children in the coming year it might interest you to learn that they might be wishing for exactly the same.

In recent years, a number of surveys have shown that parents and children simply wished that they would spend more time together.

ChildLine revealed that 14% of children want their parents to spend more time with them in the next year while 11% said they want their parents to tell them that they love them. These findings are based on the responses of 470 children who answered a survey on ChildLine’s website on what they wanted their parents’ new year resolutions to be.

Whilst many of us probably feel we never get a moment apart from our little ones, we can all be occasionally guilty of trying to push them off to bed early to create a bit of downtime!

But while putting your feet up is just as important, it’s all about creating a balance.

Children also want their parents to vow to stop shouting at them, cease any name calling and put downs, and stop arguing with their partners.

Many parents have said their biggest regret is not spending enough time with their kids when they were younger because of work commitments.

As any parent will testify, it can be difficult finding a spare half an hour to spend some quality time with the children, but the enjoyment and happiness felt by both parent and child are worth it!

If daily chores are preventing you from doing just this then these tips on creating more time in the day could be the answer to your prayers.