10 budget ways to treat yourself for Mother’s Day

treat yourself on mother's day

treat yourself on mother's dayMums work hard all year round so on Mother’s Day this year, treat yourself with these tips.  You could even read this to your children to give them a few ideas!

1. Lazy mornings

First things first, the most important thing on Mother’s Day is to get a lie in!  If you have school age children, there is still time to teach them how to make the perfect cuppa before the big day.  What a treat it would be to have breakfast in bed – and if you train them now, you can!

2. Dinner treat

The day wouldn’t be complete without a roast dinner but you don’t have to cook.  If you don’t have anyone around with the skills to rustle up a feast, check out your local carvery pubs.  Some currently have deals where ‘Mum eats free’ if you book in advance!

3. Spend your points

Now is the time to check your loyalty cards.  If you have Boots Advantage points, Tesco Clubcard, Superdrug or Nectar points, see if you have enough to splash out on a perfume.  These points really stack up throughout the year and what better occasion to redeem them?

4. Flowers

Flowers make a beautiful gift but cut flowers don’t last very long.  Why not buy a flowering perennial plant for the garden instead so the gift can be enjoyed year after year.

5. Family portrait

To make an inexpensive gift for your own mum, gather your family round and take an up to date photo then buy a nice frame to present it to Grandma.  Ikea have a good selection of modern frames that look pricier than they really are!

6. Set up a home spa

Gather one or more friends or even your teenage daughter to help you create a blissful experience.  Simply take turns to apply each other’s face mask, paint each other’s nails, get a stack of magazines and have a relaxing day!  If pals have beauty equipment, ask them to bring it round for the day.  Foot spas are not used on a daily basis, but one of your friends will have one somewhere!

7. Night beauty regime

After your relaxing spa day, extend that pampering into the night.  Before bed, apply a sunless tanner to your body and a rich, moisturising night cream and eye cream to your face.  This will give you a mini facial whilst you sleep and you will wake up with glowing skin!

8. The gift of time

All mums really want is time with their loved ones, so with your own family, choose an activity that you enjoy and take everyone along with you.  Whether it is horse riding, the cinema or swimming, spend the day together.  For your own mum, create a voucher book for her to spend on odd jobs around the home.  Maybe you could do her supermarket shopping one week or wash the windows, or a more indulgent treat like a wash and blow dry for her hair.

9. Personalised mug

For around a tenner, you can get a personalised mug for your morning cuppa, which is a gift you will use every day.  You can put your own photo on it or a portrait of the kids.

10. Indulge in kisses

Kisses and cuddles from the children are free and worth more than the most expensive gift.  On this one day, leave the household chores and take time to enjoy your children.  Play on the floor with them, read a book together or make something crafty, but ignore the mess and notice the fun you are having being completely focused on them.

Happy Mother’s Day!