10 Easter games for children

easter games for children

easter games for childrenStuck for ideas for entertaining the children over the Easter break? Try some of these free or low cost Easter games ideas. Whether traditional Easter games or a twist on party favourites, they’re fun and pocket friendly too!

Indoor Easter games

Pin the tail on the rabbit
Cotton wool balls and some adhesive craft stickers make handy bobtails for the job. Or place the beak on the chick, put eggs in the basket, place the basket in the Easter bunny’s hand… The kids can have fun creating all the props required.

Egg blowing
Set a course around the room with a start and finish line. Place some small plastic eggs at the start line (ping pong balls will also do) and give the competitors a straw or a cardboard fan to blow or waft their way to the finish line.

Easter bonnets
Bonnets and new clothes, especially gloves, are a long-standing Easter Sunday tradition. For a modern interpretation, get the craft box out and let the children get creative by decorating a hat, hair band or pair of gloves, making a bracelet or perhaps adding a themed decoration to their bag.

Quack Ducky, Quack
Blindfold one person, turn them three times and everyone else in the room sits down. The blindfolded person has to find a lap to sit on, say “Quack Ducky, Quack” and then guess who is quacking in response. Get it wrong and they have to try another lap. Get it right and the ‘quacker’ is the next to be blindfolded.

Outdoor Easter games

Egg and spoon race
Hard-boil a couple of eggs for an egg and spoon race. To make things more interesting, introduce some obstacles or challenges along the way. Be tough on any participating adults – give them a smaller spoon!

Egg toss
An egg toss is messy but fun! Pair up the contestants and make them face their partners one metre apart. Let each one gently throw a raw egg to their team-mate. If they catch it without breaking it, they take a step back before throwing it back. The winning team is the one remaining for the longest time with their egg intact.

In past times in certain areas, Good Friday was the day for skipping, followed by a picnic, in celebration of the spring. This is perhaps an activity to try before too many Easter eggs and cake are consumed!

Whatever the weather

Egg hunts
Easter egg hunts are a traditional favourite. Try ringing the changes with wrapped sweets instead, or perhaps even hiding some little Easter chicks and bunnies to be found.

Egg rolling
Keep the children busy decorating a hard-boiled egg, then find an appropriate slope for egg rolling. For a wet-weather option, find a suitable flat surface and let the kids move the eggs using something like a cotton bud, lolly stick or maybe just their noses!

Marble challenge
In certain parts of the country, noon on Good Friday traditionally marked the end of the marble-playing season, when whole communities would join in the event. Why not commemorate Good Friday with your own family marble challenge, perhaps using wrapped mini eggs instead? Or even a spot of mini egg bowling…

Have you any ideas for free Easter games for children? Do share them with us by commenting below or emailing [email protected]