Affordable tween and teenage party ideas

affordable tween and teenage party ideas

Hosting a party for your tween or teen can be a headache – trying to organise everything on a budget while giving them the party they want can be a difficult task to tackle. Why aren’t they satisfied with just a birthday cake?!

Inspiring ideas to suggest and negotiate with your teen. You never know, they might just love them!

Here’s some inspiring ideas to suggest and negotiate with your teen. You never know, they might just love them!

Tween and teenager birthday party themes


This teen fiction turned teen movie phenomenon is a popular choice for many high school partiers, so what better theme to have for their next birthday party? Whether they’re team Edward or team Jacob, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this werewolf versus vampire craze into a twi-tastic celebration.

Rent the movies for an in-house cinema experience – dim the lights and bring out the themed confectionary. For example you could get in some blood red coloured cranberry juice or blackcurrent, strawberry laces and fake teeth in for this teenage party idea. You can even get these Twilight character cake toppers to jazz up the party cupcakes.

Harry Potter

Still stumped for teenage party ideas? Film based party themes can be great fun, and there are plenty of games you can put into the mix that will make this a gathering fit for Hogwarts.

How about playing the sorting hat game using a witch’s hat? If you want to go all out you can get this Hogwarts sorting hat from Amazon. Then, at the top of the hat, tape a walkie talkie or baby monitor inside, so you can secretly speak to whoever’s wearing the hat and tell them which Hogwarts House they’ve been assigned to.

Pamper party

This one’s for the girls – and what better way for the birthday girl to relax and enjoy their day than with a bit of pampering? But there’s no need to max out the credit card by booking up the spa – you can host a beauty bonanza for less with a few face masks, manicures and pedicures.

If you’re looking for teenage party ideas, take inspiration from some of these practically free homemade beauty treats, your teens will love making a mess preparing their own pampering treats.


There’s nothing like a bit of camping to spur some teen adventurous spirit and you don’t have to go far to put on a camp–out to remember.

Host their slumber party in the back garden. Simply pitch the tent, set up some comfy rugs and beanbags, toast some marshmallow’s round the BBQ, and your teens will love telling ghost stories by torch light.

Treasure hunt

Get your party guests to work for their supper by hunting down the hidden treasure. Leave a series of clues around the house that lead to a cheap but cheerful treat. You can get creative and clever with your clues; even make them dress up as pirates. Those leftover gold coins from Christmas might just work a treat!


A bit of a logistical nightmare but the teens will love the chance to sleep over and gossip all night. Grab the blow up beds, ask them to bring a sleeping bag, a pillow and their pj’s, pop on a film, bring in the popcorn and you’re sorted.  Maybe just keep those ear plugs on standby.

Decide on a menu

Now you’ve decided on a theme, you can start planning the food – adapt the kid’s favourites and make the spread as cheap and cheerful as possible.

Take a look at these party food ideas that you can prepare on a budget and adapt to suit the ever fussy tastebuds of your young ’uns.

Free party game ideas

Now for the fun – and you don’t have to spend a penny.  Here’s some fun and games your tweens and teens can have a go at, using nothing more than what is already in the cupboards.

Cheesey catch

What can you do with some Wotsits, a shower cap and some shaving cream? Well – quite a lot actually, and this party game is one guaranteed to get the guests giggling. Divide into two teams and start the stopwatch. One team mate puts on the showercap covered in shaving cream while the other teammate stands a few feet away behind a line – and attempts to throw those cheesy puffs at the cap. The team with the most cheesy Wotsits on their cap wins!

(This one might be best outside, in case of stray cheesy puffs and shaving cream explosions!)

Minute to win it

There are plenty of games you can use to inspire your tween and teenage party ideas. For this and you could even go all out and have a ‘Minute to Win It’ themed party.

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Our favourite is the shooting game. This is where you put two toilet rolls onto a horizontal pole (held either end by party guests). Unroll the loo rolls until the paper touches the floor. Pull the loo rolls taut by stuffing the ends of the toilet paper into an empty fizzy drink can on the floor. You then shoot rubber bands at the rolls – the first team to break the toilet paper wins! (Stopwatch set to one minute).

Or try this one: Attach an empty rectangle tissue box around guest waists at the back with a rectangle hole cut out and fill with eight ping pong balls. The first one to get all their ping pong balls out with the help of some shaking and crazy dancing within a minute is the winner.

Celebrity 20 questions

A lot of teens are celebrity obsessed. Put their skills to the test with the celebrity 20 question game. Pop a few popular celebrity names in a hat. One player picks one, and the rest of the group can ask 20 questions to work out which celebrity they are. The player with the branded celebrity name must only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each question.

Taste the rainbow

This one is a fun race to the finish. You’ll need a bag of Skittles and some straws. Pour the Skittles into a bowl, and gather everyone round the bowl in a circle (each with a straw and a plastic cup).  The aim of the game is for each player to collect as many Skittles into their plastic cup as possible – using only their straw to suck up and transport them one by one dropping them. Line up the cups on another table to make it harder and funnier! Players can then eat their winnings.