Anti-Valentine’s Day – ideas on how to NOT celebrate V-day!


Whether you’re single or just want to avoid the commercial soppiness of Valentine’s Day, ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ seems to be becoming a movement of its very own. Here are some ideas on how to not celebrate the ‘most romantic day of the year’.

Instead of going to an overpriced restaurant, why not get together with friends this Valentine’s day?

Get the kids crafting

Valentine’s Day is all about love right? But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the day fighting the urge to be sick every time you see a card with ‘I Wuv You’ or ‘I Want to be Your Snuggle Bear’ on it – or buying into all that red and pink stuff. Who wants a giant teddy bear anyway? (Chocolates are the exception to this rule obviously… they’re always welcome).

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Anyway, the point is that you can still enjoy the day with your family – and if your little ones are old enough, why not get them involved in some fun crafting? They could paint cards, pictures or decorations. It’s an inexpensive, creative and easy way to entertain them. Who knows, you might even get a special little gift from your own mini-Cupid.

Get together with friends

Instead of going to an overpriced restaurant, why not get together with friends this Valentine’s day? Have a dinner party and ask each friend to bring something to the table to keep costs and effort down. You could have a three course meal, a little tipple and a big cheers to Anti-Valentines Day.

Pamper yourself

Kids in bed? Check. Bath run? Check. Take some time out to pamper yourself and ‘chillax’ (as the cool kids say). Get lost in a good book, paint your nails, use a face mask and just sit back and enjoy some ‘me’ time on Valentine’s evening. You deserve some TLC too!


So you don’t want the meal out, or the wine and flowers. But cakes are always welcome, right? Spend time baking with the kids, or if they’re older and not interested, then they’ll probably still enjoy the eating part! Whether your favourite sweet treat is a chocolate brownie, a cheesecake or a banoffee pie, rustle up a storm in the kitchen and enjoy with your family.

Have a movie night

woman watching tvAvoid the back seat smoochers at the cinema and watch a film at home. Skip the slushy rom-coms and opt for a scary movie instead. You could ask your friends if they want to do a film swap, or sign up for a free trial on LOVEFiLM.

Send an Anti-Valentine’s Day card

If you’re a committed Anti-Valentine’s Day fan, then go all the way and send an appropriate card. Here’s a list that made us giggle.

Whether you would rather celebrate “Happy 14th February day” than be a V-day sell out, we hope you have a fantastic day. How are you spending Valentine’s this year?