Couple time for next to nothing

Young couple kissing

Young couple kissingLife is hectic when you’ve got children to bring up and a family to take care of. So we’ve come up with ten cunning ways to enjoy some time together without dropping the baton.

1. Dinner together

Missing those evenings out you used to have? Allocate one day a week or fortnight to dress up for each other as if you were going out. Get the kids to bed after an early tea and crack open a bottle of wine… Then have a special dinner in together.

2. Board games

Finished the chores and sat next to each other on the sofa watching junk on TV? Get out a board game, put some music on in the background. Have a laugh (or cry, depending on who wins!) over a game of Backgammon.

3. Sleepovers

Plan the kids’ sleepovers to coincide, so the house is empty for the night for the two of you. Not only do you get the evening to yourselves, but the next morning is yours for an indulgent breakfast in bed too!

4. Go for coffee

Do your only nights out together involve ferrying your offspring between Brownies and gymnastics? Treat yourselves a coffee and cake together while they’re there to catch up.

5. Drop the chores

Neither of you want to cook or wash up? Treat yourselves to some luxury pre-made supermarket items instead. It’s still tonnes cheaper than going out for a meal. Plus there’s no bickering over who’s driving home, either!

6. Film night

Missing those trips to the cinema together? But reluctant to fork out for the cost of tickets when there’s the babysitter to pay too? DVDs are extremely cheap to hire or even buy these days. Why not watch one snuggled up on the sofa together, with a bowl of ice-cream to share. You even have the option of watching half today, half tomorrow (so you still get that early night…).

7. Bedtime reading

Evenings can so easily get filled with reading school newsletters and miscellaneous post. By the time it’s done, it’s bedtime. Compromise by reading cuddled up in bed. You might even find time for that book you started last month!

8. Special bath time

Need to wash your hair before work tomorrow? Take a candlelit bath together. Bring a glass of wine each, and let him wash your hair. Now there’s a better way to relax in each other’s company!

9. Have a lie in

Get a weekend lie together in by setting the kids up to be independent for a couple of hours. Leave out breakfast things, make their toothbrushes within reach, put out some toys or a DVD. They’ll love doing things for themselves like grown-ups. Meanwhile, you’ll get a good couple of hours of self-indulgent lie in with each other.

10. Pop for a drink

Take advantage of after school meetings like Parents Evening. Go for a glass of wine in the local on the way back, if only to have a joke about your own school days!

Make the most of these windows of time with each other. They can make all the difference – so you feel more connected and able to tackle life’s hurdles together.

What are your secrets for squeezing in that couple time? Share your tips at [email protected] with ‘Couple time’ in the subject line.