Fun things to do with the kids on a budget this half term

things to do with the kids

Do you often struggle to find fun things to do with the kids that don’t cost a small fortune during the school holidays? It’s a common problem – so we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of kids’ activities that don’t involve a mountain of money, are mostly indoors (away from the rain!) and help you spend some quality time with your little ones.

When glitter, paint and bit of harmless mess are involved, the kids will be more than excited to join in.

Art and craft ideas for kids

Looking for fun things to do with the kids this half term? Get crafty – arts and crafts is a great way to keep them busy and get their imaginations whirring. Get some inspiration with these great craft ideas for your youngsters to make and enjoy.

Don’t forget that when glitter, paint and bit of harmless mess are involved, kids will be even keener to join in. Be prepared and arm yourself with the right equipment so you’re not left with a sticky disaster zone.

Put out the colourful paints, try some crafting, make some cards, models and toys and watch their little faces gleam in delight. You don’t have to fork out much either – there are some great deals and discounts online for art and craft ideas for kids.

Get inspiration from these rainy day activities here that would be great fun to do together.

Try out these fun rainy day activities

Sunny days can be hard to come by in the UK, and we’re all too often given the pleasure of a rainy day or three. So if you’re stuck inside and want some entertaining things to do with the kids on a budget, try out these fun ways to beat the boredom. It includes ideas for tweens and as well as younger kids.

Have you ever thought about indoor camping, dress up games or indoor volleyball? Give them a go and see what you think!

Have a go at activity sheets

If you’re looking for free ways to occupy their active minds, check out these activity sheets. There are characters to colour, puzzles to solve and adventures to explore – plenty to keep them busy! We’ve got all their favourites too – from Peppa Pig to Animal Planet, they won’t be able to wait to get their hands on them.

Cook with the kids

kids in the kitchenGet the kids in the kitchen for some educational, delicious entertainment. Not only do they feel useful and appreciated, fussy eaters will be more likely to gobble up food that they’ve helped make themselves.

Little ones can get into cooking, whether it’s stirring, crumbling, pouring or measuring – they’ll love to get involved. Try out these top ten easy recipes for kids (our favourite is the peppermint creams – delish!).  Also be sure to check out these simple ways you can get kids involved in the kitchen.

Make and do ideas

Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box when it comes to things to do with the kids. We’ve pulled together loads of creative and unusual ideas to make and do in your home. Why not try making a glittery ice-cream pom pom, a fizzy pop volcano, or a bit of perfume using ingredients from your own garden? Or see how you can make your very own home obstacle course or a proper teddy bear’s picnic. Get your inspiration here.

Get out in the garden with your little one

Whether you just get a little tomato plant, runner bean seeds or plant an apple tree, it’s all great fun for your child. You don’t even need a garden – a pot on the windowsill will do! It will teach them about caring, nurturing, and science – and they’ll see how investing time in looking after something can be its own reward. Give it a go, you might be surprised at how green-fingered your family becomes!

Take some time out to read

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If you’ve got young children, taking time out in the evenings to read to them can be one of life’s great pleasures. Who doesn’t still remember their favourite childhood bedtime stories?

But aside from reading them their favourite tall tales, there are some really simple and enjoyable exercises you can do with your child that will help bring on their reading skills in leaps and bounds.

See how you can help your child’s reading and spelling.

If you’ve got older kids who are already well into reading, or you want a book that will pry them away from their TVs and games consoles, have a look at our 10 best children’s books.

Give your kids a helping hand with their homework

Ok, so homework isn’t exactly ‘fun’. Many parents dread homework almost as much as their kids. All that nagging, all those lost books and worksheets, all those battles…

But it has to be done!

And if you can put aside a bit of time now and then to help and encourage your kids with their schoolwork, it can actually be a rewarding experience for both of you.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to helping out? Have a look at where you can find free homework help for kids. There are loads of free homework resources out there and some of them are actually quite fun to do!

If your child is one of the many who struggles with either Maths or English, check out our English for kids and our Maths homework help articles.

Cheap family days out

If you want to reward the kids or just give them a treat, have a look at our guide to cheap half term days out. It’s possible to get really cheap tickets even for normally expensive attractions like theme parks and zoos with a bit of research. Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you – find the best cheap days out here!