Give yourself a ten-minute makeover!

free facial

woman with orange slices over her eyesJust because you’re a busy mum doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking and feeling good. There are plenty of beauty short cuts you can take to give yourself a mini-makeover in minutes…

Clever cleanse

Who’s got time to faff around with a million beauty products in the morning? Choose an all-in-one cleansing and toning facial wipe instead, one that’s delicate enough to use on your eyelids. Gently wipe across your eyes, then sweep your forehead, along your cheeks and chin, down your nose and in an upwards motion along your neck.

Spritz and go

Make like a movie star and give your face a quick spritz of water using an atomiser (it should only cost about 50p from the chemist). Ideally, add a couple of drops of sweet almond oil in the bottle for a nourishing treat. This may seem decadent, but it’s two seconds for skin that feels deliciously revived!

Moisturise and make-up

Save time, space and money by choosing a lightweight tinted moisturiser with sun protection and skincare built in. Dab it on your fingertips, melt it between your hands and then apply it with the flats of your fingers, starting with where you need the most coverage. If you need a little extra help under your eyes, apply an extra layer.

Apply mascara

There’s nothing like a quick lick of mascara to brighten up tired eyes. Use a brown tint during the day as this is softer than black. Sweep from side to side as you move the brush up the length of the lash.  For an even quicker eye-lift, dab some Vaseline on your lids and lashes

Get flushed

A warm pink blusher can act as an instant pick-me-up on sallow skin. Press a large brush gently on to your blush compact. Tap the excess powder off and then, smiling into the mirror, apply a swirl on the apples of both cheeks towards the temples. Once you’ve had some practice you won’t even need the mirror.

Boost hair

If there’s no time to wash your hair, but you want add a bit of oomph to limp locks, then invest in a dry shampoo. Spray into the roots, leave for a few minutes and then brush out vigorously.

Tint lips

Rather than a heavy, waxy lipstick that will need careful application and touch-ups, opt for a tinted lip gloss or balm that you can apply on the move.

Spray some scent

Instead of fiddling about with fancy glass perfume bottles and pulse points, pick up a cheap perfumed body spray next time you are in the supermarket – one that you can spray all over in a hurry. Most of them are copies of your favourite designer perfumes anyway.