Great kids’ party ideas

kids party ideas

Kids love a party, but parents regularly feel under pressure to deliver memorable events with expense often spiralling. Great party ideas for kids needn’t cost the earth, it’s often about imagination, enthusiasm and a bit of organisation. Below are pocket-friendly kids’ party ideas to make your child’s day go with a sparkle.

Pocket-friendly kids’ party ideas to make your child’s day go with a sparkle

Challenge stations

When my sons were younger we created games afternoons for friends to enjoy. My wife organised the food and I was put in charge of entertainment. I would list a series of games to play and puzzles to complete to keep the excitable youngsters interested. Most ideas would come from what we had around the house. For example musical chairs; pin the tail on the donkey; a fun quiz; musical statues; pass the parcel and even a spot of karaoke.

As they got older the games evolved: going to the park for a football match, lodging the best time slalom skiing on Wii’s Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics; and seeing how many twists and turns you could notch up on Bop It!

At all stages the children would be involved, with two or three ‘challenge’ stations dotted around the house. Points would be on offer and a score sheet would be updated with prizes given at the end of the party.


You can combine great kids’ party ideas for kids where the activity itself helps to provide the party bag.

Cup cake parties

Cheap and cheerful, a cupcake party will bring out their creative side. Stock up with self-raising flour, caster sugar, eggs (check the guest list for allergies) and other ingredients and perhaps print out pictures of cupcakes they can make. To get you started here’s Baking Mad recipe ideas – avoiding the ones with alcohol obviously!

Jewellery parties

Children can create their own bling using beads, charms and pendants, taking away their very own bracelet or necklace; they could even make one for mum! Having a hosted Jewellery party can be costly, however you can buy kits and help the children yourselves, keeping the costs down. Waterfall Beads and Jewellery Parties are examples of companies that offer kits.

Design your own mugs

You can buy these blank mugs from Baker Ross. Sixteen will cost you under £20 including postage, whilst you have porcelain pens to purchase from Amazon or Baker Ross for around £10 per set.


Paddling pool play

If you don’t have a paddling pool see if you can borrow one from a friend or purchase a cheap one like this from Amazon. If your feeling adventurous, ask children to bring their own water pistols but perhaps limit the size! Alternatively Tesco sell a Slip ‘n’ Slide Splash and Bowl Water Slide for under £20.

Create your own pizza

This is simple, fun and incredibly cheap. Create your own pizza bases in advance, buy some tomato puree and as many fillings as you want for a party of ten that could cost you under £30.

Dressing up parties

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Princesses, pirates, fairies, wizards and witches; there’s plenty of ideas to choose from. Let your imagination run riot with the kids’ party ideas. For example a pirates party; put a treasure map in a bottle with clues where to find hidden gems in the house and garden. Use sweets as treasure, have a bucket with sand in it with a children’s spade to dig out the prizes. Serve up orange punch with a ladle and even bake a cake that’s made in the shape of a pirates ship – better than spending nearly £50 on one.


Soft play areas

These are great for young children; burrowing through tunnels, in and out of ball-filled rooms and climbing up to new levels, watching you as you enjoy a well deserved cup of coffee. Wacky Warehouse charge around £7.50 per child and that includes invitations, food, play and party bags and lasts for around 2 hours.

BBQ Parties

What could be better than a BBQ party on a lovely summer’s day? This is one of my nephew’s favourites. Look out for BBQ locations that allow you to use the grounds around you to have fun. Horton Park is one where you can hire the equipment and bring your own entertainment, charcoal and food.

Let a community hall take the strain

Many community and church halls offer their amenities for a reasonable price. You can then arrange your own entertainment and possibly food to cook.

Share the ideas

There are so many great kids’ party ideas, please share yours with other parents in the comments section below.

Safety is paramount

Like all parties it is important to have appropriate adult supervision and also to check what food and product allergies children may have.

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