How to win competitions

how to win competitions

Want to learn how to win competitions? Who wouldn’t love to get a free holiday, car, iPad or bag of cash? Get serious about entering competitions and you WILL start racking up prizes – it’s just a case of having a strategy in place.

If you fancy doing up the house, jetting off to the sun, or zooming around in a flashy new motor follow our tips to up your chances.

How often have you seen a fantastic competition – only to think, “Oh, I won’t have a chance of winning that.”

The thing is, if you get in the habit of entering competitions, you will reap the rewards over time. (You’d also be surprised at how few people enter many competitions – even ones with quite big prizes).

So if you fancy doing up the house, jetting off to the sun, or zooming around in a flashy new motor follow our tips to up your chances.

Where to find out about comps

They’re literally everywhere! Find them across the web – there are on dedicated competition websites, community forums and more. Plus you can also enter them in magazines, newspapers, shops and on the TV.

Here at MyFamilyClub we have loads of great new competitions every week.

Never pay

Never pay to enter a competition, or to gain access to a list of competitions. There are some website and magazines that charge to view a list of competitions. There’s no need to pay to get hold of this information – we round up the best competitions from around the web each week or you can check out competition websites such as PrizeFinder.

Set up a dedicated competition e-mail address

Due to the nature of entering competitions, you may well be bombarded with marketing emails after you enter. So if you don’t want your main email address getting clogged up with marketing emails, set up a separate email address just for comping.

Gmail is good, and there are filters you can put in place to stop spamming. When entering competitions, look out for the little tick box that sometimes lets you opt out of marketing e-mails if you don’t want to receive them.

Be in it to win it!

A little bit of pickiness is a good thing with the comping game. Focus your efforts on those giveaways that you really love, and actually want to win. Look at the practicalities too. For example, there’s no point entering a competition to win a holiday if you can’t take any more time off work or afford the transfer fees that are in the small print.

The slogan competitions

There are some competitions that require tie-breaker slogans – which many people don’t bother entering. So you can really boost your chances of winning if you come up with a to-the-point, punchy line. Think of something that fits in well with the brand, praise the promoter and try a rhyme (it’s well worth buying a good rhyming dictionary for this).

The more ‘apt and original’ the phrase, the better – though it’s always worth Googling previous prize-winning slogans for inspiration.

Tricky question? Google is your friend

Looking for the answer to a tricky competition question? Hunt down the answer on good ‘ole Google. Sometimes websites also include the answer in the article copy, so it’s worth scanning through. Check the forums too – many other compers just like you will offer a helping hand by posting the correct answer.

Follow the rules

Read that small print! It can contain important information and will mean you never miss a cut-off date. There’s no point entering a competition if there are hidden costs you don’t want to be lumbered with, or a date you can’t make.

Keep organised

By having your own system of working through the competitions you want to enter, it means you won’t miss out on any extra juicy ones.

Keep a record of what competitions you’ve entered – some may let you enter more than once but usually it’s only one entry per person.

Also jot down where you saw the competition, so you can look out for future comping opportunities from that website, magazine or newspaper.

Get speedy

Endlessly filling out your personal details is the most tedious and time consuming part of entering competitions. But there is a solution!

Get speedy with a free web program like Roboform that makes filling out forms super-fast. It stores your information such as phone number, email address and postcode and uses it to auto-fill online forms for you.

AutoHotkey is another handy tool that lets you customise your keyboard shortcuts. So for example when you want to type the first line of your address, you program the tool to recognise that when you press ‘Alt’ and ‘1’ on your keyboard, the first line of your address appears as if by magic.

Then you can set so whenever you press ‘Alt’ and ‘2’, the second line of your address appears, and so on.

Answers on a free postcard

If you’re wondering how to win competitions that require postcard answers, don’t fork out when you can get them for free! Cinemas and library tills have plenty of freebies. Go for a 2nd class stamp if you’ve got at least three days until the end date too.

The harder it is to enter, the easier it is to win

A competition that involves a little bit of extra effort usually attracts a lot less entrants – meaning better odds for you to win!

TOP TIP – check your local paper for competitions – more localised comps will have far fewer entrants and you’ll be more likely to win it!

TOP TIP – check your local paper for competitions – more localised comps will have far fewer entrants and you’ll be more likely to win it!

Check those emails!

Make sure you regularly check your emails for a reply. If you’re the winner and have missed out on a prize because you haven’t seen the email in time you’ll kick yourself! Reply on time to avoid losing out.

You can set up a filter to help move your winning emails to a special folder, saving you time sifting through the spam.

Enter premium rate competitions for free

You could be charged a fortune on a premium rate phoneline. Many TV competitions give you the option to call in (charging around a £1 a minute!), text (charging a hefty amount) or enter online for free. Avoid the premium costs and enter online.

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Faster email entry

Draft a quick email with your personal details on (phone number, address, email and name) and keep a copy – so you can easily copy and paste from it when entering online competitions. Don’t forget to put in the answer too! It will save you time rather than retyping with every entry.

Put in the time and you’ll reap the rewards

Rewards aren’t a given, and it’s important to remember that. Just think of competitions as a fun hobby, rather than a reliable way to make cash.

Having said that, if you put aside the time to regularly enter competitions, you WILL pick up prizes over time – just keep plugging away!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to win competitions! Do you have any tips you want to share? Please comment below.