Pledge to do something different with the kids – and win a luxury family break in Cornwall!

Parent pledge

Pledge to do something different with your kids – join the MyFamilyClub 30 minute Parent Pledge and you could win a luxury family holiday break in Cornwall…

So what’s our 30 Minute Parent Pledge campaign about?

The idea behind it is simple: we want to encourage parents to pledge 30 minutes of their time every week to doing something different with their kids.

It could be anything: from a treasure hunt through the woods to creating delicious delights in the kitchen. And since we launched our campaign, we’ve been incredibly impressed and inspired by the pledges you’ve all been sending in.

But if you haven’t yet sent in your Parent Pledge, now’s the time! As long as your pledge is fun, easy and most importantly thrifty, we want to hear it and we’re all ears.

Just tell us how you pledge to spend 30 minutes each week doing something different with your kids.

Taking part in our campaign is easy. Tell us how you pledge to spend at least 30 minutes each week doing something different, fun and thrifty with your kids and if we love your idea you’ll win a very special prize. That’s right, our favourite Parent Pledge will win a luxury family break in Cornwall, courtesy of our friends at the beautiful Sands Resort Hotel & Spa.

Your prize will include a two night stay with full use of the facilities and of course breakfast is included – we wouldn’t let you go hungry now would we?

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our great pledges below and don’t forget to get involved!

Diane Ellingham pledges to get on her bike:

“I pledge to help my son on his paper round every Sunday, as it’s always the toughest day for him with all the supplements. This will be a chance for me to support him while he’s out and about, and it’s also a good opportunity to talk to each other!”


Julie Espley pledges to make time for herself so that she can be there fully for her LOs:

“Although I adore my kids, I promise to find a bit of time for myself, to be myself and remember who I was before I had children.”