Making ‘me time’ for mums!

woman drinking champagne in the bath

woman drinking champagne in the bathWith so many demands on time and energy, being a mum is exhausting work!  What you need – and deserve – is a daily dose of tlc. Build some special ‘me time’ into your daily routine and feel those energy levels soar.
Here’s a selection of ideas on ways to boost the feel good factor without depleting the finances.

1.    Music for me

A particular song or tune can transport us to another world. It also soothes and relaxes taut nerves.  Keep some favourite CDs in the car and, when rush hour traffic intrudes, chill out with a couple of nostalgic ‘me time’ moments.

2.    Move it

After a busy day, exercise may be the last thing on your mind.  But even some gentle exercise is known to enhance your mood, so it can be a perfect pick me up. See what fitness classes at your local gym suit your schedule and budget, or replace a car journey with a short walk to get yourself going.

3.    Make-up make-over

Enjoy some ‘me time’ that will make you look and feel fantastic.  Instead of an expensive salon, spend half an hour at the cosmetic counter of high street stores like Boots or Debenhams.  Specially trained staff will be happy to give you a free make-over and some beauty tips.

4.    Relax in the bath

Half an hour in a bath of scented bubbles is an old but favourite ‘me time’ luxury. Perfumed candles, a few drops of essential oil, a book and a glass of wine… you get the picture!

5.    Time to dance

Dancing is an amazing ‘me –time’ activity!  The pace, style and time invested is up to you.  It can be a five minute boogie round the living room or a night out as a special treat. Whatever you choose, dancing will definitely lighten up the mood.

6.    ‘Me time’ with other mums

Form a ‘me time’ support group with other mums and organise some special fun events.  A clothes ‘swap shop’ or swishing party is a great way to pick up some new gear, or you could also invite mums to bring along a favourite dish and treat each other to a pot luck meal.

7.    Learn something new

Use your ‘me time’ to gain new qualifications.  Invest a few hours per week and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of changing direction. Learn more about your options for retraining or learning new skills.

8.    Dear diary…

Create ‘me time’ that is unique and personal by keeping a diary.   Recording the highs and lows of family life will often make you smile.  It will help put worries into perspective, you’ll get to know yourself better, and you might even discover a hidden talent! And when you look back years later, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to capture some of those fleeting day-to-day moments with the kids.