Olympics for kids: Fun kids’ games for a home contest

olympics for kids

In a few days all eyes will be on the UK for the best sporting talent that the world has to offer. Share the Olympics spirit and get your kids active during the school holidays by holding your very own home contest with these ideas for an ‘Olympics for Kids’ fun day. 

Get ready…

Firstly, make the medals. Do some arts and crafts and make the awards out of ribbon.  Take some plastic yogurt pot lids and hole-punch them to create a place to thread the ribbon, then wrap tin foil over the lid to make a silver medal.  Gold and bronze medals can be made the same way, but using spray paint on the plastic lid.

Design an ‘Olympics for Kids’ scoreboard. Set up a large sheet of paper and draw a table featuring one row for each family member, then you can tick who wins each event so you know who will win the gold medal…


Choose from this list of fun races for your Olympics for Kids event, then all you need is a start and finish line:

  • Cartwheel race. Racers must cartwheel the short distance to the end but be warned, this race makes you dizzy!
  • Egg and spoon race – a classic! Hard boil an egg then carry it using a spoon from start to finish. Anyone who drops the egg must go back to the start and try again.
  • Wheelbarrow race. Runners work in teams of two, one person holding the legs of the other player who will use their arms to move forward.  Teamwork is essential in this race.
  • Water balloon relay. Ideal for hot days, each team must run with a filled water balloon, and pass their balloon to the next team mate after their circuit.  The winning team is the fastest but they must also have their balloon intact at the end!

Strength games

  • Tug O War. Separate into two teams then each team holds the end of a skipping rope over a line in the middle.  The winning team will be the one to pull their opponents over that line.
  • Kid weight lifting. One for the parents, the parent must carry their kids and race from start to finish.  It is easy for the mum or dad of two – it gets harder the more kids you have!
  • Shot put. Throw as far as you can. Use a bean bag to make this game child friendly.

Creative games

  • creative gamesHill roll. Players start at the top and have to roll down the hill – this fun game will have you laughing before you reach the finish line at the bottom.
  • Obstacle course. Get creative using the coffee table to crawl under or a hula hoop to pass through on a circuit that takes you all over the garden.
  • Skipping contest. Who can do the most jumps in one minute without stopping the rope?
  • Balance beam. Players take it in turns to complete a short distance on a beam.  Use a bench, piece of wood or even a line on the ground – as long as players walk straight on it!  Add variety by having players wear a bean bag on their heads for an extra challenge.
  • Bubble game. Smaller children will love this.  Take some bubble mixture and blow the biggest bubble to win!
  • Dancing competition. Ideal for an activity that anyone can do. Nominate one person to judge and pick the music then bop away until you are tapped on the shoulder.  The winner is the dancer left standing.