What’s the best weight loss plan for your money?

weight loss plan

There are so many weight loss adverts on TV it’s easy to get confused by all the different diets out there. Find out which weight loss plan gives you the most for your money and offers the best diet – so you can get in shape without having to live on rabbit food, I used to asked my self all the time; does weight watchers help? and I had to go and do some research in order to find out, so now you go and do the same. There are many weight loss procedures out there such as the >Gastric Bypass

Weight Watchers – best for hassle-free diet guidance


Cost: £10 for the first month (or get 57% OFF if you go for the 3 month plan)

What is it?

Weight Watchers‘ is essentially a calorie-controlled diet. The new Weight Watchers approach works on a ProPoints plan that means you can eat what you like, when you like, until you reach your daily ProPoints total. Food and drinks are given a value in points based on protein, carbs, fat and fibre content.

It gives you support to track you daily diet and exercise, steer you out of temptation at the supermarket, and help give you healthy habits in your routine.

Join Weight Watchers’ meetings and have weekly support, or join online. They even give you guidance for preparing family-friendly meals and have plans that are suitable for vegetarians, or those that require gluten free diets.

What do you get for your money?

You can join the Weight Watchers’ meetings for free for your first week, to see if it appeals to you.

  • Pay weekly Join for FREE. After your first free meeting, you pay £6.25 per week (prices may vary slightly at some locations). With this you’ll get guidance from a leader who has lost weight with Weight Watchers, attend weekly meetings, and receive a weekly magazine.
  • Pay monthly pass – You pay £12.95 a month (works out at £3.24 per week). With this you’ll also get access to interactive internet tools for tracking ProPoints allowance, a free mobile app, and a database of over 1,000 recipes and ProPoints values of over 30,000 foods.
  • 3 month pass (Best value) – Sign up for 3 months for £29.85 (works out at  £2.49 per week).


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Diet Chef – best for convenient prepared meal dieting


Cost: from £23.13 a week (includes meals)

What is it?

Diet Chef is a monthly delivery service of chef prepared meals delivered to your door. There are 100 different choices which have all been calorie counted and made using wholesome ingredients. All you need to do is heat them up and enjoy.

They offer free delivery and say you can expect to lose a healthy 2 pounds a week. You could actually save on your weekly shop by signing up to the plan (£23 for a week’s worth of meals isn’t bad!)

However remember you will need to budget for adding your own fresh fruit, vegetables and drinks and they don’t provide the support groups and advice that some other plans do.

But if you’re looking for a convenient easy-to-prepare diet plan that’s delivered straight to your door, this is a popular choice!

What do you get for your money?

Choose a weight loss plan to suit you – each provides you with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack a day and adds up to 1200 calories. They also offer a 21 day money back guarantee.

  • 4 week plan – £61.25/week or pay monthly for £245 per month – ideal if you have less than a stone to lose.
  • 8 week plan – £48.75/week or £195 per month – best if you have 1-2 stone to lose. You can pause when you want, and save £50 a month.
  • 12 week plan – (special New Year half price discount) £23.13/week or £92.50 for the first month – best for losing more than two stone.


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Slimming World


Cost: from £4.95 week

What is it?

Slimming World is a no-hunger eating plan with recipe and menu ideas; no food is banned and you go to a weekly support group. It’s basically a weight loss plan that encourages you to swap nasty fatty foods for low-fat foods that are naturally filling. It allows for family-friendly meals without the need for tedious calorie counting.

You’ll get free support with their group membership (if you can’t get to a group, they also offer an online-only membership option).

What do you get for your money?

  • Best dealJoin the Slimming World weight loss plan and get HALF PRICE membership (just £5.00 to join and then £4.95 weekly)
  • Group membership – £4.95 a week. Group membership gives you access to group support once a week, as well as additional advice from your own trained consultant. Plus you get a copy of the ultimate slimming guide handbook and free online access to the members’ only website, LifelineOnline.
  • Online membership – from £59.95 for 3 months’ ‘Bronze’ membership. This gives you 3 months’ online access, over 1,200 recipes and an interactive food diary, weight loss chart, awards and weekly support. £64.95 for Silver (gets you an additional seven issues of Slimming World magazine). ‘Gold’ membership costs £79.95 for 3 months (which gets you a subscription to Slimming World magazine and additional Food Optimising and Body Magic books).


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Cost: from £38 a week (includes meals)

What is it?

LighterLife is based around three elements: mind, body and support. They deliver a range of nutritious foodpacks and meal replacements – plus they provide you with a counsellor and support group to help you understand the psychology behind your eating.

With this plan you do need to consider the inconvenience of having to eat the meal replacements and food packs when you’re out and about.

You’ll have three foodpack options a day, that include savoury soups, shakes, pasta and sweet and savoury bars.

Many people who go on LighterLife find they actually save money because they are spending less on food.

What do you get for your money?

  • Foodpacks cost between £1.80- £2.30 and group counselling sessions are £15 a week.
  • Choose from the different plan options available – either the Total Plan (4 foodpacks daily), The Lite Plan (3 foodpacks + a meal daily) or The Fast Plan (fast for two days, eat and drink normally for the others).

They highlight the value for money angle, in that you can still sit down at family meal times and that “many people who go on LighterLife find they actually save money because they are spending less on food.”


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Cambridge Weight Plans

cambridge weight plan

Cost: from £45.15 a week (includes meals)

What is it?

Said to help with rapid weight loss, the Cambridge Weight Plans are based on buying and eating a range of meal replacement products.

There are six flexible plans depending on your weight loss goal, and also a long-term weight management programme.

The products include bars, soups, porridges and shakes and can be used alone or alongside low-calorie regular meals. You’ll also get support and advice from a Cambridge advisor.

What do you get for your money?

  • You can get the weight loss plan from £45.15 per week.This is based on solely eating the Cambridge weight plan meals four times a day, seven days a week and attending a group session.

They say this is cheaper in comparison to other options such as LightLife, Weight Watchers, and even conventional eating (meals work out at around £2.15 each, which is pretty good value!).

Rosemary Conley – best for exercise and weight-loss


Cost: from £1.35 a week for recipe plans and online instructor support. Fitness class fees extra (from £5.95 a session).

What is it?

The Rosemary Conley diet is all about a low-fat, low-GI diet with regular exercise. There are portion control pots for measuring food, a diet and recipe plan, and a ready-made food weight loss plan available.

(In case you were wondering: ‘GI’ stands for ‘Glycemic Index’, a measurement of the impact of food on your blood sugar levels.)

The Rosemary Conley diet and fitness class includes:

  • A two-week Kick-Start booster diet so you can see a significant weight loss early on
  • A motivational DVD and a ‘magic measure’ that shows you how many inches you’ve lost as your diet progresses
  • Instructors to guide and support you with regualr weigh ins, motivational talks and exercise sessions

There is also an option for a ‘Solo-slim’ eating plan where you can order ready-made low-fat and calorie controlled meals and soups.

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What do you get for your money?

Online membership gives you access to all the recipe plans, a food and fitness diary, the chat room and instructor support. You also get a ‘magic measure’ tool to track inch-loss progress, a set of portion pots, the latest magazine and money off products from the online shop. This costs:

  • £12.99 for one month
  • £34.99 for three months
  • £69.99 for one year


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Slim-Fast diet – best for on-the-go meal replacement


Cost: from £22.40 a week (includes some meals)

What is it?

Slim-Fast is a meal replacement plan recommended if you have a body mass index above 25.

They call it a ‘flexible eating’ weight loss plan – where you can mix and match specially made meal bars and snacks from the Slim-Fast brand alongside one balanced meal. For example, you can pick three snacks a day that are 95 calories, two Slim-Fast shakes or meal bars, and one balanced meal that is 600 calories.

There is free online support available where you can get a personalised diet plan, real-time progress report, and nutritionist support and community membership.

What do you get for your money?

  • Snacks – around 40-60p each
  • Meal bars – around £4 for 4
  • Bottled shakes – around £1
  • Powdered shakes – around £3-5 for 12 meals

You can get these Slim-Fast branded snacks and shakes at most supermarkets and Boots stores. It seems to work out better value for money to buy the powdered shakes and use any 2 for 1 offers around. The cost per week works out at around £12- £25, depending on shake/meal bar option and deals on the products.

You get some great low calorie snacks that help fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth, making it easier to stick to their flexible 3-2-1 plan. However you also must consider the cost of your balanced meal each night.


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We hope you found this article useful! What’s your favourite weight loss plan? Have you seen results? Let us know in the comments below…