What MyFamilyClub mums really want

mother's day gifts

Mother’s Day at MyFamilyClub will be pretty special this year. Our CEO Gemma Johnson has now departed our bright green office in preparation for the arrival of a new Mini-Johnson.

What do mums really want for Mothers Day?

In fact in the months before, we at MyFamilyClub have all watched astonished as Gemma has made what should be a difficult mix of coming to term with her pregnancy, being boss and being the provider of office Krispy Kreme doughnuts seem like an easy task.

This is just an example to show how impressive mums are. This is why it can be difficult to find the right present to say that special ‘thanks for being you’.

Like most people, I too have been frantically looking for a suitable gift for my mum and since Mother Yeboah is a bit of a fashion fan, I’ve tried to hunt down something trendy and pretty but not too pricey. Finding such a gift is easier said than done, which is why I decided to pick the brains of some of our MyFamilyClub mums to get some Mothering Sunday inspiration:

What Bernise Richmond-Taylor really wants for mothers dayBernise Richmond-Taylor – Office Manager – Mum to Xavier, 5: “If we had all the money in the world I’d like my son to buy me a house in Sydney for Mother’s Day. It’ll be right on the beach and I’ll be able to feel the sand on my feet and the sun on my skin. Or I wouldn’t mind an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour.

“ What I’d really love is either a yummy breakfast in bed or lunch with my family in a gorgeous restaurant.”

What Charlotte Vaughan really wants for mothers dayCharlotte Vaughan – PR Consultant – Mum to Livvy, 4: “If we were rich beyond our wildest dreams I’d like my daughter Livvy to pay off my mortgage and debts! And even though she’s only four (bless her) she can then buy us a home somewhere in the sun.

“Realistically though I’d love breakfast in bed and to watch an old movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s all snuggled up. I’d then like to finish the day with a warm bubbly bath all to myself, and I wouldn’t mind some gorgeous white lilies or spa products so I can get a bit of pampering in too.”

Madeline McQueen – Head of Sales – Mum to Lauren, 11 and Rianna, 15: “If we suddenly became billionaires I’d love my girls to buy me a house for Mother’s Day. But not any old house. I’d like:

  • Five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • A Jack and Jill bathroom
  • A family bathroom
  • A downstairs WC
  • Three receptions rooms
  • A large kitchen with all mod cons
  • 140ft garden
  • An indoor swimming pool
  • Off street parking for six cars
  • A large hallway
  • An office/study
  • A basement den
  • An annex for the au pair
  • Oh and a large Sun House in the garden!

What Madeline McQueen really wants for mothers day“I’d also quite like an all-expenses paid holiday to Sandals in St Lucia for me and my hubby – plus spa treatments and lots of sea activities like scuba diving!

“However to be honest I’d rather have the girls clean the house from top to bottom for Mother’s Day, plus a lovely family lunch at one of our favourite restaurants.”

What Gemma Johnson really wants for mothers dayGemma Johnson – CEO –Mum to Teddy, 5, Phoebe, 3 and mum-to-be to Mini-Johnson: “ If my kids got a windfall of a billion pounds from a kindly long lost relative, I’d rent a villa in Barbados; this is my favourite country in the world and I hope to settle there one day.

“I’d invite all my family including my gran who is now 90. We would spend three months out there living all together, building lasting memories and being carefree. We’d take the time to enjoy the beauty and peace that life can hold once you have the freedom to slow down.

“Realistically though, I wouldn’t say no to a home-made card, garden picked flowers, a kiss, a snuggle and seeing my kids dance under a bubble machine to the band Hot Chocolate – I wouldn’t mind seeing them get their dancing shoes on again!”

So there you have it.  Our mums primarily want time to relax.  What about you?  If you could choose any gift for Mothers Day whether you are the giver or receiver of that gift, what would it be?

Give us your feedback below, we would love to hear from you.