Top budget home cleaning services for busy mums

home cleaning services

Sadly, the fairies don’t clean up the family home. But there’s nothing to say that a busy mum can’t have a helping hand from a home cleaning service from time-to-time! What’s more, investing in home help isn’t the Downton Abbey luxury it might sound.

Offers of up to 70% off home cleaning services across the whole of the UK

What price does freedom from hoovering come at? Well, usually £8-£13 an hour, depending on location – but some companies let you book one-off cleaning sessions, so this doesn’t need to become part of your monthly budget. You can hire professional cleaning services at this website to help you any time you need.

Looking to make your home sparkle? Here are our top tips on what to look for when hiring a home cleaning service:

1. The costs

The first thing to consider is how often you can afford to pay for home cleaning services.

The good news is, there are plenty of options out there – and you usually only have to commit to a minimum booking of two hours or so.

While home cleaning prices vary, they’re usually based on the size of your home and its location. If your house is of an average size, expect to pay around £8-£13 an hour.

Remember to ask about the payment method – do you need to pay upfront, after each visit, or monthly? Different companies operate in different ways, so it pays to check.

2. Cleaning equipment

Find out if they provide their own cleaning supplies. If you’ve already got a bunch of cleaning equipment in the house they could use, you can sometimes save money by getting them to use that instead.

3. Don’t be caught out with extra fees

Look closely at fees, as they can differ dramatically depending on the service. For example, if you want someone to provide you with just a bit of general sprucing and cleaning there will be a set fee for that – but add on extras such as changing sheets, laundry, groceries and you’re looking at a maid service that will cost more. Any errands and you’ll also most likely be hit with petrol costs too.

4. Get what you’ve paid for

Home cleaning services vary between companies, but they should be able to provide you with a checklist – so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Then if you find that they’ve missed cleaning the bathtub, you can say so.

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5. Make sure you’re covered

Make sure the cleaner or cleaning company you go with is CRB checked, has good references and sufficient training. It’s fair enough to ask, as you’re paying! Plus it’s important that you feel comfortable with who you’re hiring and letting into your home.

6. Look out for discounts

If you’re looking for a cleaning service then make sure you get the best deal possible. Groupon have some fantastic offers of up to 70% off cleaning services across the whole of the UK – simply type in in your nearest city and chances are you’ll find a local home cleaning bargain.

Top budget cleaning services in the UK

We’ve rounded up your local budget-friendly companies to take the elbow grease out of your home cleaning.


Well Polished is a cleaning service that are members of the cleaning confederation and are based in Liverpool. They offer great home cleaning, a laundry service, one-off ‘blitz cleans’ (perfect for messy house parties!) and ironing. Available in Liverpool and surrounding areas from £9.50 per hour.


Mum’s Helping Hands can tailor all the domestic cleaning tasks to suit you – they can provide provide ironing, carpet cleaning, and maid services. They require a minimum two hour booking for domestic cleaning.

Based in Nottingham and the East Midlands they know what mums need, and will even look after your pets when you’re on holiday, or if you need a hand with some DIY or gardening. Prices start from £12.60 an hour for home cleaning services. Quote ‘MyFamilyClub’ when booking and you’ll also get an extra 5% off. Bargain.


Daisy Fresh Cleaning will collect and deliver ironing Monday to Friday in the Brighton and Hove area with a 48-hour turnaround. The average price is £20 per bin bag of clothes. Onsite ironing costs £12 an hour.

London-based Ultimately Eco uses non-chemical cleaning techniques to deep clean your pad, with a focus on ‘healthy, ethical & green’ cleaning. Their normal price is £11.50 – £12 per hour.

The Clean Rooms will whip a duster in London zones 1-4 for £10 per hour, and you can book a clean whenever you need. Currently, first-time customers can get four hours cleaning for £30 (book online).


If you’re looking for an award winning cleaning service check these guys out.  Mrs Bucket Cleaners are a little pricier at around £13, but they claim to clean your home to hotel standards. Cleaners are CRB checked, and they have offers on carpet cleaning services and if you invest in a 12 month contract.


Book a regular or one-off clean through independent Edinburgh-based company Crisp and Clean for £10 an hour. Specify a full house clean, or pick your rooms. Cleaners can also offer ironing services on request.

Northern Ireland

More to Life cleaners typically charge from £9.50 per hour for domestic cleaning, and for every referral you’ll also get £50 voucher. Covering many areas in Northern Ireland you’ll get the same cleaner every week and can specify your own cleaning checklist.


home cleaning services imageNationwide Cleaners provides cleaners and ironers for Bromley, Edinburgh, London, Surrey, Sussex and Sutton, from £8.95 to £11.45 an hour. Minimum booking is two hours, with one-off or weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleans available.

Bright and Beautiful cleaners are trained in eco-friendly cleaning techniques. Staff also launder, iron, treat floors and polish wood furniture with almond oil for a luxe finish. Cleaning available daily, weekly or fortnightly, in Lincoln, London, Manchester, Southampton, South Cheshire and Altrinham Hale. Contact for pricing quote according to location.

Book a regular clean or a special clean to deal with niggling chores such as fridge defrosting or kitchen cupboard clear outs with Merry Maids at 100 UK locations. The company also offers carpet and upholstery cleaning through its parent company. Contact them for pricing, as their quotes vary according to location.

Ironing services

The Ironing Lady collects and delivers ironing in Reading and the surrounding area, with next day delivery from £15.50 for 3kg of clothing. Repairs and alterations are also available, as well as a clothes folding service for holidays and business trip packing.

Fill Your Basket offers a fuss-free ironing service for Northumberland, Co Durham and Newcastle. They charge by the basketload (large basket £15). They’ll collect your clothes and return them crisply ironed 24 hours later. The 10th basket is ironed free with a loyalty card.

More than a cleaner

If you’re a busy parent looking for an extra pair of hands to help out around the house (and need that little bit more support than your average home cleaning services) Mummy’s Maid offer a great service covering other chores like washing, ironing, and changing bed linen. They charge £13.50 an hour.

Looking for some easy ways to cut down the time you spend on cleaning chores? Check out these time-saving kitchen cleaning cheats. These tips on food-based cleaning products may also help you keep costs down.