10 time-saving techy tips

time saving techy tips

Having the internet and technology has made life so much easier for many people. Good thing for this generation is that you can also connect or sync all gadgets in your home to monitor and control everything. Have you ever heard of smart home 101? Well, this is our guide to the 10 best ways to use technology to save time.

1. Online calendar

For anyone who spends any time online, a calendar programme – such as Google calendar –can be an invaluable tool. You can set reminders, alerts, appointments, tasks… And best of all, it is free. It is possible to share your calendar with any other Google users who can in turn update it. A great way for the family to keep on top of their week and reduce time spent chasing people and equipment due to last minute surprises.

2. Email

Most people use email to communicate with work colleagues, friends and families. Emailing, when appropriate, can save precious time that would be spent caught up on the phone or texting back and forth. Use email filters to reduce the amount of unwanted / spam emails that end up in your inbox so you don’t have to plough through them all.

3. Online banking

One of the best inventions in modern time, having your bank accounts so accessible to you saves time previously spent on visits to the local branch. It is also a great tool for helping to keep an eye on the budget.


By saving or bookmarking the most frequently used sites you can save time browsing the internet or a computer’s history looking for website addresses.

using an app on the iPad5. Comparison sites

When looking to purchase something it pays – in both time and money – to use a comparison site to collect the data you need to make your decision. Ploughing through hundreds of shops and providers’ websites in seconds, the online comparison websites will save you hours.

6. Shop online

Doing a weekly grocery shop online and having it delivered to your door not only saves money but also time spent preparing lists, travelling to and from the shops and searching the shelves for items needed. Most things can be bought online now, so don’t limit yourself to just groceries – try shopping online for gifts, homeware, clothing and more.

7. Online booking systems

For flights and trains, a hire car, concert tickets or hotels, use the online booking system to save time and reduce precious minutes spent on hold or being passed from department to department on the phone.

8. Pay bills online

Where possible, register to pay your bills online. Save time posting cheques and queuing in the post office or bank.

9. Track your time

By keeping an eye on how long you spend on social media sites, answering emails or browsing, you can reduce the amount of time wasted and also track how much time is spent flitting from one task to another without finishing anything. There are many free time tracking programs available which can be found via a Google search. For example, Online Stopwatch, offers a variety of timers to use.

10. Social media tools

Social media can be a fantastic tool for both business and fun. Unfortunately, it can also be a huge source of wasted time. Use the tools that sites such as Facebook and Twitter have in place to filter out content you don’t want to see / have to plough through to get to what you do want or need. Set up columns so that you can see everything going on in real time – no leaving the page to check private messages. Regardless of what platforms you use, you can adjust your settings to save yourself time.