10 ways to use your sofa time to get things done

woman on sofa with laptop

woman on sofa with laptopStaying in is officially the new going out. While relaxing on the sofa can be bliss for busy parents, make use of the downtime – it’s a prime opportunity to tick off all those time-consuming things on your to-do list.

Make every second count and organise your life from the couch. Here’s how…

1. Take advantage of online banking

Ensure your laptop or computer has ample security settings and you can check your balance, make payments and transfers and keep a regular eye on your accounts.

2. Ensure all your bill payments are up-to-date

Make life easier by switching to Direct Debit and keep a regular check on your payments by choosing the same memorable date for them to go out of your account. This makes it easy to keep track online.

3. Text friends

If you’re falling behind on your correspondence, write all your reply texts and emails in one hit. Your energy will be much more focused rather than replying to non-urgent texts in a rush throughout the day.

4. Plan meal times

Plan family meals in advance from your sofa. If you have time, you can also note down a few of recipes to follow. It also takes the guesswork out of your weekly food shopping list.

5. Supermarket shop online

You can save time and save money by switching to online food shopping, where offers and discounts are clearly displayed on the home page, rather than trawling the aisles – and where you’ll see a running total of what you are spending.

6. Update your diary

Co-ordinate your family calendar, special occasions and invitations and ensure they’re all noted down in one handy place. That way, you can prepare for upcoming birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and events with advance notice.

7. File your photos

In the age of digital cameras it’s all too easy to leave your photos on the memory card. Download your photographs, choose your favourites and get them printed either in photo printing stores or online.

8. Plan your next holiday

Do your research with comparison sites and early bird deals and you might be able to bag a bargain family holiday that will save money in the long run.

9. Sort your music

If your house is overrun with CDs, organise and consolidate your music collection. Decide on CDs that you want to keep, sell and add online, and update your computer, mp3 or iPod playlists.

10. Update your wardrobe

There’s often exclusive online shopping deals that offer one day or limited offer discounts. Just sign up to your favourite store sites and they’ll alert you by email.