Give your wardrobe a workout

colourful clothes hangers

colourful clothes hangersThink of your morning routine and there’s a good chance you waste time rifling through a crammed wardrobe trying to find something to wear. Instead of buying more clothes to solve the problem, give your clothes a sort-out. Here are ten easy steps to organising your wardrobe.

1. Be ruthless about what you no longer wear

First, sort out what you’re going to keep and what’s heading for the heap. If you don’t think you have the courage to throw things out then ask a friend around to help. Don’t be sentimental, and be honest about what still fits you. If you haven’t worn an item for over two years then chances are you’re never going to.

2. Get a system

Sort your clothes into piles – one for the bin, one for the charity shop, one to sell and one pile of clothes you’re going to keep.

3. Mend and wash

Of the items you’re going to keep, make a separate pile of those that need mending, adjusting, dry-cleaning or simply washing.

4. Bag up out-of-season items

Invest in some vacuum pack bags so you can store away your winter clothes during the warmer months and your summer-wear during the winter. This will instantly free up valuable space in your wardrobe.

5. Match your hangers

To make your wardrobe look as appealing as possible, visit your local pound shop and buy some hangers that all match – whether they’re wooden, plastic or padded – and that are all the same size. This displays your clothes easily and will save you time and frustration as you rummage.

6. Hang nicely and sparingly

Prioritise what you want to hang, so the rail isn’t stuffed to breaking point. Not only will this preserve your clothes (and your wardrobe rail) but it will save you time – because you’ll be able to see exactly what clothes you have at a glance. Fabrics such as satins and silks take priority, as do skirts and trousers that have seams you need to keep neat.

7. Co-ordinate colours and items

Hang all the skirts together, all the trousers together and all the dresses together, and then in each group, hang them in colour order – from blacks through to whites, dark to light. You can then instantly picture what will go with what – but minus the rifling!

8. Layer up twin-sets and other combos

Consider layering clothes on a hanger if you always wear a certain top with a jacket, as this makes it a lot easier to decide what to wear in the morning.

9. Fold away neatly

Fold cotton tops, jumpers and jeans – any items that don’t crease easily – into neat piles. Arrange piles by item type in drawers and on shelves. Then you can see exactly what you’re looking at without having to move everything around. Try to keep this up!

10. Don’t forget your shoes

Rather than have them heaped on the wardrobe floor, organise your shoes into pairs and lay them out neatly. Put shoe horns in boots to retain their shape and keep special occasion shoes in their boxes – they’ll need replacing less often.