How to save an hour a day

mum preparing snacks

mum preparing snacksTo go from a rushed mum who just manages to pull it all together by the skin of her teeth, to a calm, in-control mum who glides through each day, the trick is to be prepared.

By thinking ahead, you can plan your day’s events and save time in the process with these morning, noon and night time savers!

The tips below help me save 1.5 hours in my day. This will be different for each mum based on your daily routine, but it’s a good place to start!

Morning time savers

1. Prepare the day’s drinks

At breakfast time, prepare a jug of orange squash to fill up your child’s glass throughout the day rather than multiple trips to the tap to prepare each drink individually.  Adding water to cordial doesn’t sound like it takes up a lot of time, but all these small tasks add up!  

Time saved: 3 minutes

2. Use the school run time

If you drive to school, you can achieve a time saving double whammy! Whilst you are driving, leave the radio off and ask your children to read their schoolbooks to you, so they get in their reading practise.  You can sign their schoolbooks when you arrive.  Then when you are parked up and still listening to the children read, you can apply your make up for the day- just keep a spare make-up kit in your glove-box! 

Time saved: 15 minutes (based on two children: 5 minutes per child on reading while you’re driving, and 2.5 each while you’re applying make-up)

Afternoon time savers

3. Shop online

Do your shopping online.  Keep a running list when you need to replace food or milk, then go online and buy it all for delivery the next day.  You are less likely to impulse buy with a list and you save time in doing a round trip to the supermarket. 

Time saved: 25 minutes

4. Pre-prepare snacks

When chopping a melon, have several containers handy to put the pieces into so next time someone wants a healthy snack, they can simply remove it from the fridge.  Do the same with strawberries and grapes. If you make up tempting fruit salads you’re also more likely to reach for those than a biscuit – added benefit! 

Time saved: 5 minutes

5. Exercise on the go

Squeezing in exercise can be tricky but whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil, do five squats!  Next time do five lunges.  These little spurts of movement add up to help you tone your figure.  For the afternoon school run, leave the car at home and put on your trainers to run to school.  Take a longer route to ensure you get in a 30 minute run before arriving at the school gates.  This gets your cardio exercise completed if you do this three times a week; it helps you to burn fat and the children will enjoy the fresh air from the walk home. 

Time saved: 30 minutes (accounting for the longer time it takes to get to school and back, but the time you save by not going to the gym)

Night time savers

6. Pre-sort laundry

Get a white laundry bin and a black one and teach the family to put dirty clothing into the right bin. This means you don’t have to separate the colours and can easily see when there is enough washing to make a full load.

Time saved: 3 minutes

7. Prepare tomorrow’s clothes

Lay out everyone’s outfit the evening before, including underwear, to avoid a rushed morning where no-one can find anything!

Time saved: 10 minutes

8. Wash clothes overnight

Before you go to bed, put on the washing machine. Then it will be clean ready for hanging the next morning and can dry whilst you are busy all day.

Time saved: 0 minutes No time saved but this gets an extra job completed whilst you sleep!

Do you want to share your most effective time-saving tip? We’d love to hear! Comment below, or send it to us on [email protected]