Quick glam tips for time-starved mums

woman putting on makeup

woman putting on makeupYou can always tell when someone’s expecting their first baby: they still look glamorous! Once you’re a mum it’s tough finding time to keep looking good. So here are some shortcuts to not letting everything go…


Hair tips

It’s possible to have a good hair day in a hurry!

  • Put a mirror by the front door at home, so you never answer the door looking ruffled.
  • Puff a little talcum powder into your roots on days when you haven’t time to wash your hair. Brush out and no-one will ever know you skipped the shower!
  • Keep a hairbrush in your bag so you can fix up quickly before those school run dashes.
  • On days when you’re outdoors and you know your hair will get blown everywhere, tie it back or wear a good hat to prevent getting in a state.

Speedy accessories

While we spend ages dressing other people, we mums often neglect ourselves – and feel frumpy for it. Try these quick ideas.

  • Keep feet nurtured all year round. Rub with a cheap pumice stone and some baby oil for a time- and cost-efficient way to nurture skin. Paint toenails while you’re watching telly after dinner. They’ll always be ready to reveal if you remove shoes at someone’s house or to slip into sandals – plus they’ll be gorgeous for your man, too!
  • Jewellery that matches what you’re wearing doesn’t take a second to grab, but it can really have an impact. Whether it’s a gorgeous beaded necklace or some well-chosen earrings, it needn’t be expensive to lift an outfit.
  • A couple of decent winter coats with some good boots, paired with a matching scarf can cover a multitude of sins. No one will know you’re wearing the same jumper again underneath! Keep footwear in season and you won’t need a new coat each year.

Facial fix-up

How often have you wished you’d done your face but ran out of time? Here are some sneaky cheats.

  • Cover blemishes and black bags with a decent cover stick, to disguise your broken night’s sleep and stressful day!
  • Apply a rosy blusher where you’d naturally have colour actually on your cheeks instead of along the cheekbone. Then rub blusher into your lips with your finger, to complete a naturally healthy look.
  • Water really does make a difference to plumping up your skin. Keep a pint glass of the stuff on the go to swig while you get on with chores. Three of these a day should do the trick.
  • Chapped lips are the real giveaway of a neglected beauty regime. Keep a moisturising stick in your bag and apply regularly – especially in extremes of weather.

Hard-working hands

Sadly our hands often show our age, but protecting them is the key.

  • Wear rubber gloves for all cleaning, to avoid constant wetting and harsh detergents.
  • Keep hand cream everywhere – by the kitchen window, in the car, by your bed. Use a sun-protective one with UV all year round to avoid sunspots later on.
  • Wear leather gloves as soon as the weather turns chilly, to protect from chapping.
  • Keep a nail file in your bag to keep nails smooth and clean. Touch up on car/train journeys to save time.