4 LEGOLAND Windsor Facts Plus Money Saving Tips


Save Money at LEGOLAND Windsor

There is no doubt that LEGOLAND Windsor is an incredible day out or short break for families everywhere. A popular destination all year round with activities and spectacular events to get the whole family engaged and creating memories for years to come.

We had a few sneaky questions on our minds so we thought we would answer them and share what we learned as it makes for quite an interesting read, if you are a Lego geek that is or are planning on a visit to LEGOLAND Windsor sometime soon. If you have any interesting facts you want to share with our readers about LEGOLAND Windsor pop them in the comments section below.

Are Lego Rides Made of Lego?

According to Wikipedia “The parks’ rides are all Lego themed; many are made to appear as if they are built out of Lego bricks. They tend to be based on one particular line of Lego: for example, a popular ride at all six parks is the Dragon Coaster, which is loosely based on the Knights’ Kingdom Lego sets”.

How Many Bricks Are There at Miniland Windsor?

Miniland is an incredible replication of places around the world. Containing a staggering 35 million Lego bricks.

Never Pay Full Price – Kids Go Free

Well, here’s some great news which is, KIDS GO FREE on selected dates with Legoland Holidays. How magnificently money saving is that?! For a limited time only, you can book a short stay and Kids Go Free.

Tip: There are also loads of offers on entry tickets and dining out to help keep your costs down. Check out our Legoland Ticket Deals 2016 & Cheap Discount Offers on Holidays and Short Breaks for lots of discounts and deals.

What to Eat at LEGOLAND Windsor?

Here’s a list of all the eateries available at LEGOLAND Windsor, there really is something for everyone. Yum! Yum!

  • Hill Top Café
  • Knights Table Rotisserie
  • The Burger Kitchen
  • Pirate’s Burger Kitchen
  • City Walk Pizza & Pasta
  • Heartlake Café
  • Ice Cream Parlour
  • Baguette Bar
  • LEGO City BBQ and Pirates BBQ
  • Farmer Joe’s Chicken Company

Tip: If you don’t want to splash out on restaurant food then it’s a good idea to take a pack lunch and include lots of snacks as mooching around is thirsty and hungry work and as parents, we know how quickly you can burn a hole in your pocket feeding a hungry brood all day.