Paris Pass Discount Code 2014 – Extra 6% OFF Online Deal

Paris Pass discounts-2014

Taking the kids on a trip to beautiful Paris? Then take advantage of this 2014 Paris Pass discount code to save even more money when visiting the city’s top attractions, museums and landmarks.

Remember when buying the Paris Pass that it is priced in Euros, not pounds! As a very rough guide, 1 Euro = around 80 British pence, although exchange rates do vary.

Paris Pass Discount Code 2014 – EXTRA 6% OFF Online Deal

Paris Pass discount code - Arc de TriompheThe Paris Pass is a great way of getting discounted entry into more than 60 attractions across Paris. But with this special Paris Pass discount code for use online, you’ll get AN EXTRA 6% OFF the standard price!

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Get 6% OFF Paris Pass

Voucher code: PARPASS6
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Louvre museumThis EXTRA 6% OFF is on top of these amazing SAVINGS that you get with the Paris Pass.

The Paris Pass  already gives you:

  • 30 Euros SAVINGS on the Two Day Paris Pass
  • 66 Euros SAVINGS on the Four Day Paris Pass
  • 122 Euros SAVINGS on the Six Day Paris Pass



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What is the Paris Pass?

Operating exactly the same way as the London Pass does in the UK, the Paris Pass lets you buy one single ticket for admission to over 60 participating attractions right across Paris.

Once you’ve bought your pass, you’ll gain FREE access to over 60 attractions, monuments, museums and tours right across the city. Some even give you fast-track entry when you flash your Paris Pass, letting you skip the queues – a big help given that Paris is renowned for lengthy waits to get inside its popular attractions!

Take your pick from two, for or six days fixed duration – the card activates the first time you use and is then valid for consecutive days.

Your Paris Pass includes:

Museum Pass

  • FREE entry to 9 popular museums and historical sites.
  • These attractions alone normally cost €96 to visit, so the Paris Pass gives you a big discount!

Attractions Pass

  • FREE entry to 8 popular attractions and tours.
  • Entry to all of these would normally cost you over €140!

Paris Pass discount code - Notre DameFREE downloadable guidebook

  • Guidebook has over 120 pages of useful information and tips on the various attractions you’ll want to see.
  • Never get lost with the maps, directions and contact details of all the attractions!

Fast-track entry

  • Enjoy fast-track entry into some sites with your Paris Pass!
  • Fast-track sites include the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou and the Musee d’Orsay.

FREE travel

  • Your Paris Pass gives you FREE travel in zones 1-3 on the metro, RER and Paris buses.
  • PLUS you get FREE hop-on, hop-off travel on the Les Cars Rouge tour buses.

Money back guarantee

  • You have the option of buying a money back guarantee in case you can’t use your Paris Pass.
  • Particularly good if you’re giving the Paris Pass as a gift to someone!

Special offers

  • Exclusive discount offers at selected shops in Paris.
  • Special discounts at a number of popular restaurants across the city.

Get your Paris Pass today to enjoy all these benefits on your family trip to Paris!


Paris Pass Attractions – FREE Entry with the Paris Pass

Paris Pass discount code - VersaillesThe Paris Pass is a great way to see Paris on a budget. Check out the full list of attractions your family can enjoy with the Paris Pass:

FREE Fast Track Entry to the Best Museums in Paris

  • Louvre Museum – arguably the world’s most famous museum!
  • Centre Pompidou – the famed museum of modern art and design.
  • Musee d’Orsay – the former 1900 train station is now home to many prized artworks.

FREE Fast Track Entry to the Louvre Museum

The Louvre is one of the most popular attractions in Paris, and as such, is renowned for having lengthy queues to get in. But with the Paris Pass, you get:

Top 10 Paris Attractions you can see with the Paris Pass

  • Arc de Triomphe – the iconic monument built by Napoleon commemorating France’s war dead.
  • Montparnasse Tower – take Europe’s fastest elevator up 56 floors to enjoy great views of the Eiffel Tower and the rest of Paris from above.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – one of the world’s most famous cathedrals, situated on the bank of the Seine.
  • Palace of Versailles – famed for its extravagant style, the palace was the royal seat of power until 1789.
  • The Paris Story – take in the history of Paris with the Explore Paris! exhibition.
  • Grevin Wax Museum – get up close and personal with French royalty and other world-famous faces!
  • La Conciergerie – now home to the Parliament of Paris, this palace dates back over 1,000 years and is well worth a visit.
  • Opera Garnier guided tour – take a stroll through the Paris Opera House which formed the inspiration for the musical Phantom of the Opera.
  • Pantheon – the dedicated ‘Temple of Reason’ is a monument to France’s finest intellectuals.
  • Paris Big Bus Tour – take a break from walking and see all the sights of Paris from the comfort of the big bus!

FREE entry to over 60 top attractions with the Paris Pass

Paris Pass discount code - Paris big bus tourOther attractions the Paris Pass will get you entry into include:

  • The petit train de Montmatre
  • Paris river boat cruise
  • Dali Exhibition
  • Rodin Museum
  • Museum of 3D Relief Maps
  • O Chateau Wine Tasting
  • Museum of Decorative Arts
  • National Museum of Eugene Delacroix
  • Gustave Moreau Museum
  • National Museum of the Renaissance
  • Museum of the Asian Arts
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • The Army Museum
  • Palace of Malmaison
  • Archaeological crypt of Notre Dame
  • Villa Savoye
  • Paris Science Museum
  • Gourmet Chocolate Museum
  • and many more!


Enjoy your Paris Pass!

We hope you enjoy all the benefits of your Paris Pass, and don’t forget to use your Paris Pass Discount Code to save even more money!

Get 6% OFF Paris Pass

Voucher code: PARPASS6
Expires: 31/06/2014

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