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cheap family holidays in Greece

Cheap family holidays in Greece are hugely popular and for good reason. The warm climate, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and one of the most ancient cultures in the world come together to make the perfect family holiday.

Rhodes: King of cheap family holidays in Greece

The island of Rhodes is the arguably the most popular spot for cheap family holidays in Greece. There are plenty of reminders of the great ancient Greek civilization on the island – one of the best examples of these is the Ruins of Kameiros located in the North West of the island, near the modern village of Kalavarda (well worth a visit if you’re a history buff).

The Old City of Rhodes is undoubtedly a major attraction too, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spending a day wandering through the narrow streets and walking along the well preserved remains of the fortifications should be on everybody’s list.

If relaxing on a beach is more your idea of a family holiday, then there are plenty of resorts that cater for those looking for sun, sea and sand!

Lindos and Pefkos are enchanting little villages with fantastic beaches that offer ultimate relaxation. There are some great hotels close by (but still kept out of the villages themselves).

Arguably the best beach on the island is Kalathos on the south east coast. Its golden sands are guaranteed to keep the kids happy all day.

At the other end of the scale is Faliraki, which is well known for its nightlife and buzzing atmosphere. The water park in Faliraki is also a great day out and it’s easily accessible by car, bus and train.

Rhodes is consistently one of the hottest Mediterranean Islands, so avoid the height of summer if you struggle with the heat. Fortunately, most of the major airlines in Europe fly to Rhodes so it’s easy to compare flights and get yourself a good deal.

Rhodes has something for everyone, making this delightful island the king of cheap family holidays.

Best for: Beaches and weather


Kos is a considerably smaller island than Rhodes, but they’re quite close together and consequently benefit from a similar climate – great if you want to come back with an amazing tan. In fact Kos is only 2.5miles from the coast of Turkey.

The town of Kos is the largest on the island, and is everything you’d expect from a Mediterranean town – the Agora (marketplace) in particular is well worth a visit to pick up everything from delicious fresh food to treats to take back home.

If history is your thing, the remnants of the Ancient Greek civilization on Kos are remarkably well preserved.

The spectacular ruins of The Asklepieion are definitely worth seeking out, especially as they’re located roughly 2miles south west of Kos town. In fact the number 3 bus from Kos goes directly to the temple. The area is also fantastic for hiking and cycling and keeping the kids active.

Best for: History and activities


For a long time, Paros remained largely unheard of to holidaymakers (though it was always popular amongst backpackers looking for budget accommodation in beautiful surroundings). Nowadays it’s a lot more popular amongst tourists but luckily it hasn’t lost any of its charm.


If there’s one thing that all Greek islands are blessed with it’s great beaches, but Paros manages to stand out from the crowd, even in such distinguished company. Watersports are incredibly popular on the island and you will have no problems finding activities for people of all ages. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are particularly popular and the island has played host to the Kite Surfing World Cup on several occasions. Pounda beach has particularly favourable winds and great sands – it’s sure to be a hit with the kids.

The town of Parikia is the ancient capital and still functions as the main harbour of the island. Ferries from Mykonos, Crete and Athens arrive and depart daily as well. The nightlife in Parikia is lively and fun.

If there’s one thing that all Greek islands are blessed with, it’s great beaches



The Panagia Ekatontapiliani (Church of 100 Doors) is located in the central square and it’s thought that the oldest parts of the building pre-date the introduction of Christianity by the Romans.

To get a true experience of island life, visit the town of Lefkes, which is roughly six miles inland on Parikia. The narrow streets and whitewashed buildings are unlike anything else on the island. The northern town Naoussa offers a similar (but quieter) experience to Parikia.

Best for: Watersports and authentic culture


Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, and as you’d expect contains a bit of something for everyone. If you want to go for a cheap family holiday in Greece with large, all-inclusive resorts, small family-owned hotels and everything in between, then this is the place to be.


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The city of Heraklion is the hub and contains the largest sea and airport on the island. The town of Chania is on the north coast of the island is well worth a visit too, especially the Old City surrounding the port. To keep the kids entertained, make sure you check out the Acqua Plus water park in Hersonissos. If activity holidays are your idea of fun then Crete has it all.

As you’d expect, watersports are popular in all the resorts but the hiking, mountain biking and climbing further inland are amongst some of the best in Europe. The Ha Gorge is a notable example of the extreme geography of the island. This geography also ensures that the southern coast is generally much warmer throughout the year than the north.


Best for: A bit of everything


We feel these islands offer something above the others when it comes to a family holiday. Although we couldn’t mention them in full, other islands such as Corfu and Mykonos are excellent destinations for a family holiday too. (One of the best family days out in Greece is charting a glass bottomed boat in Mykonos and see lost ancient sites now occupied by marine wildlife).

Whatever your tastes, age or lifestyle, chances are that there is a cheap family holiday in Greece tailored just for you.

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