Orlando Attractions Tickets UK 2015 – Cheap Florida Offers

Orlando theme park tickets

Orlando, Florida in the US has arguably the best theme parks in the world – but don’t make the mistake of paying full price! We’ve tracked down some great discounts and offers on Orlando attractions tickets 2015, so you can enjoy the magic for less.

Whether you’re heading off to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld or somewhere else completely, make sure you get the best deal. Have a look at the offers below before you book, and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FAVOURABLE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES TO ENJOY EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNTS!


Is it cheaper to buy tickets in the UK?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The short answer is: more often than not, yes it is!

Sometimes when you look at Orlando attractions tickets, it can work out a bit cheaper to buy the tickets direct – once you convert the price from US dollars back into pounds. However, remember these few things, which can greatly influence the end cost of your theme park tickets:

  • Exchange rates: exchange rates change all the time, often by fractions of a penny. But the result can be significant in terms of how much you end up paying. Generally speaking, UK merchants regularly update their prices to take account of changes in the exchange rate, doing the hard work of converting prices for you.
  • Bank transfer fees: your bank will almost certainly charge you a transfer fee for making a foreign transaction (ie you purchase something that is not in pounds). It could be add as much as 3% or more to the cost of your purchase – ouch!
  • Postage fees: does the attraction charge an additional postage & handling fee for sending tickets internationally? This may be a hidden extra that could wipe out some of the savings you make.
  • Time: it’s not just the cost of the tickets but the time it can take to send them to you. If you need them at fairly short notice, it can be wiser to buy them in the UK than wait for them to arrive by snail mail.


Disney World tickets

When looking for Orlando attractions tickets, most people’s first priority is to get tickets for Walt Disney World. And it’s not hard to see why. Walt Disney World is the most famous theme park in the world. In fact it’s four theme parks rolled into one, covering over 50 square miles in total!

Disney World ticket offers 2015

To get the best value Walt Disney World Orlando attractions tickets, you need to:

  • Book in advance

  • Go for a multi-day ticket

Disney World Ultimate Tickets – BEST DEALS

In our view, the Disney World Ultimate ticket gives you the most value for money – simply because you get to enjoy multiple days exploring the attractions for considerably less than the cost of buying single day admissions for each day you visit! This makes it one of the best value Orlando attractions tickets deal.

Disney World Ultimate Tickets include:

  • Multi-day admission to 9 Disney parks and attractions

  • Huge savings on what you would pay with single entry tickets

  • Free access to move between the parks during a day

  • Free use of the Walt Disney World Transportation System

  • Includes FastPass to jump the queues

For the cheapest Disney World Orlando tickets on the web, look no further – we have sussed them out and listed them below:

  • 14-day Ultimate Ticket: £299 for adults and £279 for children (ages 3-9 years). This is the most popular of the Ultimate tickets, given that it is just £10 more than a 7-day ticket. Plus, all Disney tickets are FASTPASS tickets – which lets you get on lots of the most popular rides without queuing AND when buying direct from Disney, you get EXCLUSIVE bonus extras, including food and drink discounts.
  • 7-day Ultimate Ticket: For a shorter stay, go for the 7-day Ultimate Ticket direct from Disney, priced at £289 for adults and £269 for kids.
  • 21-day Ultimate Ticket: Again, buy direct from Disney for the cheapest deal, with 21-Day Ultimate Tickets for £315 for adults and £295 for children (ages 3-9 years) – that works out at just £15 per day!

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Universal Studios Orlando tickets

Universal Studio Florida is another must-see attraction for those looking to leave the UK behind for some Florida fun in the sun.

You’ll discover an amazing mix of movie-themed rides – including the new, massively popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction – shows and movie sets (it’s a proper working film production facility as well as a theme park – you might even catch a real film being shot).

Universal Studios ticket offers 2015

To get the best value Universal Orlando theme park tickets, we recommend that you:

  • Book in advance

  • Go for a Universal Bonus Ticket – these give you 14 days’ entry, and work out much better value for money!

Floridatix has the best prices for multi-day tickets as well as exclusive bonus goodies:


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SeaWorld Orlando tickets

seaworld orlandoSeaWorld Orlando is the world’s largest marine theme park – sea lions, manatees, sharks, dolphins and huge killer whales will entertain and amaze you in SeaWorld’s spectacular water shows. See animal trainers race through the water on the back of killer whales, test your lung power against that of a walrus – and don’t forget the award-winning rollercoasters (there are rides for thrill seekers and gentler ones for kids).

SeaWorld Orlando ticket offers 2015 – 3 parks for the price of 2!

For entry to SeaWorld Orlando, go for a 3 park ticket which for a limited time is the same price as a 2 park ticket! This is one of the best Orlando attraction tickets available!

With this special offer, you get access to not just Sea World Orlando but three of Florida’s best theme parks:

  • SeaWorld Orlando

  • Aquatica Waterpark

  • Busch Gardens theme and safari park (ticket includes FREE transport)

Visit all these parks as many times as you like over a 14 day period! Best of all, Floridatix has reduced the price of a 3-park ticket to the price of a 2-park ticket, saving you even more!

  • Adult 3 park ticket: £92

  • Child 3 park ticket: £87

  • Offer is valid for visits until the end of NEXT year, and you can secure your tickets with just a £10 deposit!

  • PLUS if you book now with Floridatix, you’ll also receive a FREE $10 Planet Hollywood voucher!

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Orlando Flex Tickets – BEST VALUE

Did you know that you can buy Orlando Flex Tickets for entry into as many as six Orlando theme parks and attractions? This is one of the best of all Orlando attractions tickets that money can buy!

The 5-park Orlando Flex Ticket will get you unlimited entry to:

  • Universal Studios Florida

  • Universal’s Island of Adventure

  • Aquatica

  • Sea World Orlando

  • Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

The 6-park Orlando Flex Ticket gives you entry to all of the above parks, as well as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Both tickets will also grant you access to Universal’s CityWalk.

You’ll find the cheapest Orlando Flex Tickets are with Floridatix, with prices as follows:


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Another popular attraction for visitors to Orlando is Busch Gardens. The park combines rides, water slides and an animal safari – promising a great time for the whole family.

While the park is located away from the Orlando enclave of world-famous theme parks and attractions, it remains easily accessible and, depending on the ticket you buy, will include shuttle bus transfers.

Busch Gardens ticket offers 2015 – 3 parks for the price of 2!

Busch Gardens is one of the parks covered by the SeaWorld 3 park ticket, which gives the best value for money.

  • Floridatix lets you book for just a £10 deposit, with the rest payable 35 days before you travel

  • Ticket booking also includes a $10 voucher to Planet Hollywood.


Discovery Cove

No trip to Florida is complete without a visit to Discovery Cove. Here, the family can enjoy swimming with the dolphins, exploring the wonders of life under the sea, feed exotic birds, go snorkelling in specially-devised areas and float lazily along the Wind-away River.

Discovery Cove ticket offers 2015 – BEST DEAL

The best value for money is to go for a Discovery Cove package, which gets you entry into Discovery Cove as well as a host of other Orlando theme parks.

For the cheapest Discovery Cove tickets, buy your print tickets online from Floridatix!

  • Discovery Cove Package: This package gets you a day’s entry to Discovery Cove PLUS 14 days’ admission to SeaWorld and Aquatica. Include a swim with the dolphins for £174, or non-swim admission is £141.

  • Discovery Cove Ultimate Package: The Ultimate package gets you the same as above, but also includes 14 days’ admission to Busch Gardens as well. Include a swim with the dolphins for £209, or non-swim admission is £157.

  • Adults and kids prices are the same.

  • Book with just a £10 deposit, and pay the rest 35 days before you travel.


Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

Wet ‘n Wild is the largest and best-known water park in Florida – a great place to enjoy the warm sunny days! The park is home to a vast array of water rides and slides, swimming pools and the new Blastaway Beach area, with two family pools, a 60-foot sandcastle and 160 interactive toys.

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando ticket offers 2015

Buying your tickets from Wet’n Wild direct is the cheapest way to go, and you’ll save money by booking online than at the gate.

  • Prices are the same for kids and adults when you buy direct.
  • Remember that this is prices in US dollars, meaning the amount you save will vary as exchange rates move, and you should also factor in any transfer fees your bank will charge for buying in dollars.

If you do want to buy your tickets in pounds to avoid the extra hassle and cost of bank fees and exchange rates, look no further than Floridatix, which gives discounts to kids, unlike buying direct!

  • Floridatix regularly updates its prices to take account of exchange rate movements, to give you the best deal


Kennedy Space Centre tickets

Kennedy space centreThe Kennedy Space Centre is a must-see attraction in 2015 – an out-of-this-world journey through NASA’s launch headquarters in Orlando! Your ticket lets you see a space shuttle up close and stand underneath the biggest rocket ever flown, handle moon rocks, explore the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, head to the Apollo Centre and view the NASA launch pads – you can even sign up for an astronaut training experience!

Kennedy Space Centre ticket offers 2015

Your Kennedy Space Centre tickets include:



Aquatica Florida

As the name suggests, Aquatica is another waterpark in Orlando and is popular with families thanks to the large number of water rides, slides and attractions.

Hit the waves at Big Surf Shores, test your need for speed on the many waterslides or take a dip in the expansive Roa’s Rapids.

Aquatica ticket offers 2015 – 3 parks for the price of 2!

You get great value from Aquatica theme park tickets, as you receive 14 days’ unlimited access to three of Florida’s top attractions:

  • Busch Gardens – take your time experiencing Florida’s biggest collection of rollercoasters this 2014

  • Aquatica Waterpark – incredible waterslides

  • SeaWorld Orlando – jaw-dropping sea life displays and live shows with great rides as well PLUS free transport to Busch Gardens included!

This Orlando theme park ticket deal is much cheaper than buying at the parks individually. And if you book now through Floridatix, you can get a 3-park ticket for the price of a 2-park ticket, saving you even more!

  • Adult 3 Park Ticket: £92 – around 10% off the gate price*

  • Child 3 Park Ticket: £87 – around 10% off the gate price*

  • Have your tickets sent to you in hard copy, and secure your booking with just a £10 deposit!


Gatorland tickets

The kids aren’t going to forget a visit to Gatorland in a hurry, after they get up close and personal with these prehistoric predators!

With adventure tours, rookie wrestling and a zip line over the park, the family will learn everything there is to know about alligators and crocodiles, all while having a snapping good time!

Gatorland ticket offers 2015

Book your Gatorland e-tickets through Attractiontix for the best value, which includes:

  • Entrance to the 110 acre theme park and wildlife reserve

  • See alligators and crocodiles up close and personal

  • Exclusive tour options

  • Adult one-day ticket: £14 – no bank transfer fees to pay from buying in US dollars!

  • Child one-day ticket: £11 – again, no bank transfer fees since you buy in UK pounds!


Legoland Florida

legolandOK so yes there is a Legoland here in the UK, but with plenty of palm trees and an adjoining Legoland Waterpark, it is undeniably a whole new setting in which the kids can enjoy their favourite building blocks!

The sprawling park opened on the shores of Lake Eloise in late 2011, and has many rides and attractions you won’t find in the UK or in other cooler climes.

Legoland Florida ticket offers 2015

Book your Legoland e-tickets from Attractiontix for:

  • Entrance to the near-new Legoland and all its attractions

  • Free transport to and from the park included

  • One-day ticket: £41 for adults and £40 for kids – that’s around a quarter off on-the-door tickets*!

  • One-day waterpark combo ticket, with entry to Legoland and Legoland Waterpark: £48 for adults and £43 for kids.

However, the BEST VALUE at Legoland Florida comes with the Length of Stay passes, which cost just a few pounds more but gives you entry for 14 days!


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium tickets

When you consider the term “Odditorium” in connection with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, you know the whole family are going to find plenty of weird and wonderful things to be amazed and entertained with for hours.

From a seven-legged sheep to a Wall-E replica made from car parts and the world’s smallest production car, the collection is definitely worth a visit. Even the Odditorium itself is unusual – designed to look as if it is sinking into a sink hole!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium Orlando ticket offers 2015

Purchase your Ripley’s Believe It Or Not e-tickets through Attractiontix, which include:


WonderWorks Orlando

WonderWorks Orlando

Ever been inside an upside-down building? Well you’ll be able to say yes once you’ve been to WonderWorks Orlando. This distinctive centre prides itself on offering “thrills and spills built for the mind”, with over 100 hands-on exhibits and activities for all ages.

When you first step inside, everything is upside-down and your first task is to go through the “inverter” to make sure you face the same way up as all the exhibits inside!

WonderWorks Orlando ticket offers 2015

Floridatix has the best value WonderWorks Orlando hard tickets, which include:


More family-friendly Orlando Attractions for 2015

Don’t for one moment think that the attractions and activities on offer in Orlando are limited to those theme parks we have listed above. Orlando is a thriving metropolis of fun and entertainment in the heart of sunny Florida – so much so that you will never be able to see and do everything on a single visit!

Orlando attractions have plenty more family-friendly experiences and days out in 2015 – and better still, you can enjoy some big savings on your Orlando attractions tickets if you buy them in advance from Attractiontix. Attractions and experiences include:


Go to deals


*Discount is subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

We hope you’ve found our round up of Orlando attractions tickets 2015 useful. Enjoy your visit and leave a comment about your experience below!