All Aboard — Travel Tips For Going On A Cruise With The Kids


Family Cruise Travel Tips…

You can’t beat the adventure of going on a cruise with the family. The adults are as excited as the kids, but there’s a lot to think about, particularly if you’re travelling with younger children. Here are a few Travel Tips so that you can all enjoy the experience as you sail the seas.

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Prepare The Kids

Spending time aboard a ship and at sea is an adventure and slightly unnerving for kids, so prepare them for what to expect. Fuel their excitement and alleviate anxieties by mentioning the places you’ll be visiting and some of the ship’s facilities. What child wouldn’t look forward to splashing around in the on-board pool every day! Give your child a camera so they can document the trip in their own enjoyable way.

Don’t Fly And Set Sail On The Same Day

Imagine the stress of watching the clock to see if your flight will take off on time or wondering whether your luggage arrive at your destination. You don’t need that. Travel to the cruise departure destination a day or two before you set sail. This gives you time to cope with the change in time zones and in climate as well.

Do The Packing For The Children

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Don’t just pack clothes for warm weather, but also sun cream, sun hats and sun glasses. A bug spray will come in handy, too. In the evenings it can grow cooler, so ensure you’ve included a light jacket in your luggage. If you’re going somewhere colder, pack a hat, gloves and a few jumpers!

Make Pre Cruise Travel Smooth

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When traveling from Canada and taking a cruise you may want to take advantage of Eletronic travel authorization for Canada. This will make your travel time before the cruise less stressful. This is particularly true if traveling with small children. There might be times when you feel like taking a nap or just a simple time out from all the action on board the ship! So making your pre cruise as comfortable as possible by making the first leg of your trip smoother.

Make The Most Of The Western Med

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We know, we know… the dream is to sail off into the Caribbean and soak up the sun under clear blue skies that have all but forgotten what it is to rain. However, budgets might not allow it if you’re travelling with the family, although there are some very reasonably priced cruises elsewhere out there. Why not try a Mediterranean cruise? It’s close to home but far away enough to still feel as if you’re on holiday and you’ll be able to visit ports like Sorrento, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Marseilles, France. Remember to research each port of call so that you can make the most of your time in the port.

A Few Child-Friendly Cruise Destinations

Not sure where to take the kids on a cruise? You can hit the Mediterranean, as mentioned, or go further afield with a trip to Iceland and Norway. In Reykjavik you’ll be able to ride Icelandic ponies at the zoo, while a cruise to Norway will take you through the majestic fjords and to the city’s capital, Oslo.

If you are lucky enough to get out to the Caribbean, the family can sun itself in Willemstad on Curacao Island. You can have your photo taken with dolphins at the aquarium, but you have to book early. There’s additional exhilaration available in the form of a speedboat and snorkelling tour.

With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant cruise with the family. Wherever you go, the adventure will make it a dream holiday.

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