Give Kids The World Village Is Giving Children With Life Threatening Illnesses Happiness And Hope


Did you know there is a place called ‘Give Kids The World Village’ based in Florida that is a 79-acres non-profit resort that provides cost-free holidays of one week to children with life-threatening illnesses? Neither did we until today.

It has totally blown our mind, so we just had to sing about it from the rooftops.

Give Kids The World has been fulfilling its vow by Henri Landwith  “that no child in need would ever be failed again” since 1986. With the support from his colleagues in the hospitatily and tourism industry, Henri provides magical experiences with a holiday that means the world to sick children and their families.

Today the village boasts a whipping 79-acres with 144 villa accommodation, unique attractions  and fun activities for children of all abilities.

According to ‘Give The Kids The World’  they say “with the help of many generous individuals, corporations and partnering wish-granting organizations, Give Kids The World Village has welcomed more than 143,000 families from all 50 states and 75 countries”.

How amazing is that?!

2016 actually marks their “30 years of happiness and hope anniversary”.

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There is a section of the site called “Impact Of The Village” and it actually made us cry. Read it and feel for yourself how absolutely special this place must be for parents and their children going on such a difficult and painful journey.

“When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, a family’s life changes forever. They face an obstacle course littered with doctor appointments, painful treatments, overwhelming expenses and endless worry”.

Reddit users gushed about the place:

Reddit user krepitus said “Give Kids the World. Absolutely fantastic place. My daughter’s surgeon sent her name to the Dream Factory and they set us up with a trip to Disney, and we stayed at Give Kids the World. That week was one of the best in my life. They treated her like a queen. Her brother went with us and they made sure he was never left out. When she went to Disney she wore a lanyard that GKtW gave her. We never waited in a line. If someone saw that lanyard they escorted her to the front, calling her princess the whole time. I don’t ever think I’ve seem my kids smile as much as I did that week. It was the first vacation we’d had since she’d been born, she was six when we went. All the other trips we took were to the hospital up in Omaha for treatments, surgeries, tests, and needles, lots of needles. I wish I could take her back.

And tem13  says “My entire family of 7 went there in 2006 following a successful surgery to remove my brother’s brain tumor and absolutely loved every second we were there. Thank you so much for everything you do it makes the entire trip so much better for the kids and their family’s. Have a bowl of ice cream for breakfast on us and be sure to give the Mayor a great big hug!”

This story really  made us smile by reddit user  greatbigtaco  “I used to volunteer as their resident character , a big bunny named mayor Clayton. They had nightly tuck ins where families could sign up for mayor Clayton to show up in his pjs and tuck you in for the night. One night I had a full schedule of tuck ins and was exhausted when we get a call for an add on. Girl had taken turn for worse and had to go home next day. Tired , I went. The little girl was so excited. She had been sleeping in her parents bed so I tucked her in there. Her parents were in the room watching. I then gestured for them to get in bed and tucked in mom and dad, all with the little girl giggling. Its the cutest thing I’ve ever done in costume, tucking in an entire family who was going through so much. I miss GKTW”

What an amazing and fun sight that would would make! Nothing like a good ol ‘tuck-in’.

We hope this post has helped to spread their wonderful message just a little bit further today and they continue to get recognition for the incredible work they do for terminally ill children and their families around the world.

They are always looking for volunteers and donations to help keep the place alive, if this is of interest you can find more information here.