How to organise your car so you’re always prepared

children in car

children in carLife is always easier with a checklist.  Here is the ultimate guide to stocking and preparing your car so you have everything you will ever need to hand!

If you are a busy mum, you will be familiar with this scenario.  It is morning, you have made sure that your children are dressed, fed and ready for school.  Your own bag is packed and your outfit pressed, you grab the coats and head for the car.  By the time you pull up at school to drop the kids off, the heavens have opened and everyone is in danger of getting soaked to the skin!

If you stock your car well in advance, events like this will become something you can navigate smoothly around, rather than having it mess up your peaceful start to the day.  Busy parents know that our cars function like mobile command centres!

Kids being kids will always expect you to have what they need, and unless you’re prepared, you may find that you are caught short when a request that you can’t fulfil is made.  From one busy parent to another, here is your checklist for maintaining calm.

Car collectables

Basics that should reside in any car are a notepad and pen.  This is mainly in case you ever have an accident and need to take down a driver’s insurance details, but also useful for penning notes to traffic wardens if the parking meter doesn’t work, or for using to encourage children to practise their spellings if you have five minutes to kill.

A ‘parking purse’ in the glove-box with a few pound coins and a bit of silver change is useful for always having the right money for a parking meter, or for having a donation for those non uniform days and collections that schools can spring on you!  Just remember to replenish the purse when you have borrowed from it.

School rules

For Key Stage One children, it is wise to have a toy of some kind in the boot, to keep boredom at bay when driving but also for the days when they inform you that they have ‘Show and Tell’ at school and they haven’t brought anything!

If you have a daughter then a brush and bobble are useful items to carry in your car.  It will tidy her up before school or a sporting activity or when she drops the bombshell that the class photos are being taken that day (and you didn’t wash her hair the night before!)  It slips easily into your car door pocket.

Have a couple of bottles of water handy for those days when you dash from school to dance class or football, and on the morning of your after school activity, pack a small snack too – to keep your child’s energy levels up!

Whatever the weather

Put a basket into your boot containing a woolly hat for yourself and each of your children.  Ditto for gloves, scarves and umbrellas.  If you have sunhats, place one in here too so you are prepared in Spring for a lovely day and keep a bottle of sun lotion in there too.

If you have young children who frequent soft play areas, carry a pair of socks for each child in your car in case the kids don’t wear socks in the summer, as these venues won’t let children play if they are not wearing socks.

Whilst you don’t want to carry round your whole house when driving, it is useful to have these few essentials to hand to stay on top of things.