Top 5 Christmas gifts for family travel


kindleIt seems that no sooner are the Christmas celebrations over than the TV is full of adverts to tempt us to buy our next holiday!

Right at this moment that couldn’t be further from our mind as we rush to get the presents, keep the costs to a minimum and save as much time as possible.

But why not kill two birds with one stone? We’ve put together a list of top travel-friendly gifts that could help you enjoy your holiday next year and solve your pressie dilemma now.

Here are some of our favourite travel buys that make fabulous presents:

1. Sleeping

The SnooziHedz is a fun 3-in-1 travel pal, pillow and blanket great for car trips, aeroplanes and trains – in fact, anywhere your child wants to sleep! The grip on the pillow and blanket allows you to connect the blanket to the pillow, preventing it from sliding off in transit and keeping your little one cosy and warm. Folded up, it makes a great cuddly toy

2. Organisation

Love how organised you’ll feel with a leather travel wallet that can double as a clutch bag when away. They come in a great range of colours and mean you can keep all the family’s passports, vaccination records, travel insurance etc together in one place just ready to grab and go when you travel.

3. Reading

The E reader has been one of my favourite gadgets since my partner bought mine two Christmases ago. It saves on luggage weight which is really limited these days and if you are an avid reader it means you can take a wide selection and use only a tiny amount of luggage space. You can get great e book bargains online often far cheaper than paperbacks and you can browse the virtual book shelves when the children are tucked up asleep.

4. Packing & entertainment

Another great travel gift for younger children is the Trunki, the child friendly suitcase in fun designs that they can pack for themselves, ride on and pull along. It aims to beat the boredom suffered by little ones when travelling and anything that keeps them quiet makes for less stress for mum and dad too.

5. Digital guides

For the iPad or iPhone lover (and let’s face it, who isn’t?!) there are some great travel apps. One of my favourites is gpsmycity. There is a free version but for around £3.50 you can get the GPS version. We recently used the app for Budapest and the online guide was great. It saved the cost of travel guides and told us exactly where we were and how to get from one sight to another.

Happy holidays!

Helen Hutchings heads up which aims to help take the stress out of what to pack for holidays. It includes packing guides and tips on how to pack less but wear more, how to save money and be appropriately dressed wherever in the world you go!