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free software

free softwareFind the best free software – from free antivirus software to free word processors.

Our top picks of the best free software:

1. Free anti-virus software

AVG anti-virus software is not only completely free – it’s been rated by some computer magazines as being better than many paid-for anti-virus packages, which usually cost upwards of £20. (For Windows PCs only).

Protect your computer for free here.

2. Free word processors and office software

Don’t want to shell out for the latest version of Microsoft Office? IBM offers its award-winning Lotus Symphony software for free. It’s powerful but easy to use, and does pretty much everything Microsoft Office does. If you need an excellent free word processor (or presentation or spreadsheet software) look no further. Works with Windows, Macs and Linux.

Get your free office software.

3. Free software backup

Keep all your documents, photos, videos and data safe by backing them up online with Dropbox. It’s really simple to use – and free. (Works with Windows, Macs and Linux).

Back up your files for free.

4. Free calls with Skype

If you and a friend both sign up to Skype (the basic version is free) you get free Skype-to-Skype user calls, instant messaging and video calling (if you both have webcams). It even has full integration with Facebook.

Get Skype for free.

5. Free blogging software

Nowadays anyone can set up a really professional looking blog for free with software such as Blogger and WordPress. If you want more info, have a look at our article how to start your own blog.

6. Free software to save you money on printing

iPrint is a great piece of software that saves you as much as 60% in printing costs. It saves both money and trees by letting you put multiple pages on a single sheet of paper and not printing blank pages. It will even track how much money you’ve saved using it. (For Windows PCs only).

Get iPrint for free.

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