How to help manage the cost of having a baby

cost of having a baby video

Having children is priceless, but it can be pricey. Here, CEO Gemma Johnson tells us about the true cost of having a baby and how MyFamilyClub can help.

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Like any job, motherhood comes with perks; you can look forward to an incredibly exciting social life ( if you like babysitting that is), wonderful hours (3.30am wakeup call anyone?)… And no pay!

Basically you can say goodbye to your sanity, sleep and disposable income for the next eighteen years!

BUT (and it’s a big but) being a mum is truly amazing and Gemma wouldn’t be doing it for the third time if it wasn’t.

She remembers all the questions, confusion and worries about money the first time around.

“Can I afford it? Do I need childcare? Should I quit work? How can I save? What benefits can I get?” The list goes on.

That’s why Gemma launched MyFamilyClub.  It’s all about how to save and manage your money when you have a family (and even helps you with ideas on how to make extra money!) So you can discover the cost of having a baby and the solutions and money saving tips to help you on that journey.