How to plan perfect food portions in your cooking

perfect portions

We all waste food, approximately £680 worth a year in fact! But by making sure we have our food portions right we can stop throwing away food and start saving money.

Plan your food portions in advance to take the guesswork out of the equation and find the perfect portion to suit your hungry hoard.

Food portions plan

Cooking pasta for the family is quick and easy but it can be easy to misjudge how much to pop in the pan. As a guide, for two adults and two children you will need approximately 320g of pasta.

Or if you fancy some boiled potatoes to accompany a delicious family meal, the food portion you’ll need for everyone is roughly 16 small potatoes.

Thinking about a chicken dinner with some veg but don’t want to waste money by buying more than you need? As a guide, for a family of four you’ll need around 480g of chicken, eight florettes of broccoli and 12 tablespoons of sliced carrots.

One way to plan your food portions is with Love Food Hate Waste’s online portion planner that helps suggest how much food to prepare based on information you enter into the handy tool. It even gives you the option of calculating the perfect party food portions and recommended recipes to try.

Get the kitchen kit

Having the right kitchen basics to get your measuring spot on is a worthwhile investment and you only need a few bits of kit to get you going:

  • The average mug is great for measuring uncooked rice. One adult portion is about a quarter full
  • Use a spaghetti measurer as it’s so much easier than trying to judge by eye!
  • Mr Tablespoon is great for measuring out everything from sugar to beans and lentils
  • By getting into the habit of measuring using weighing scales you’ll soon avoid being over generous with those portions

But don’t panic! If you do cook too much don’t chuck it straight in the bin, pop it in an airtight container, freeze it or have it for lunch the next day.

If all this talk of food is making your stomach rumble take a look at our recipes for some inspiration for tonight’s tea. Start saving even more money by planning your family meals with these weekly meal plans.