Kids’ packed lunch ideas with leftovers

lunchbox ideas

MyFamilyClub’s Gemma Johnson meets the wizard of the lunchbox who magically transforms delicious dinners into kids’ packed lunch ideas.

Save money and reduce your food waste by turning your family menu into a tasty selection of meals that can be adapted for lunch. Get a child-friendly munch for less from last night’s dinner with these inspiring recipes.

The magic wizard has plenty of tricks up his sleeve and reveals the kitchen secrets you need to plan some great family meals (and lunches) for the week ahead:

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For the full recipes and for more inspiration on how to transform your dinner leftovers into packed lunches, take a look at our eBook 20 great lunchbox ideas from leftovers.

Pitta pockets

A Mezze dinner has lots of different flavours and dishes making this meal really fun for all the family. For inspiration for kids’ packed lunch ideas turn this dinner into pitta pockets with homemade falafel, hummous, tzatziki and refreshing greek salad. A scrummy mix of mini dishes that your little ones will absolutely love finding in their lunchbox.

Chicken fajita and tortilla chips

Take the Sunday classic of roast chicken with all the trimmings and turn it into a chicken fajita and tortilla chips for your leftover lunch. Kids love variety and they will love the chips most of all!

Salmon sandwich

This fishy dish of salmon and bacon is served with new potatoes, and roasted tomatoes. Turn the leftovers into a sandwich to tantalise your tastebuds with salmon, bacon, avocado and tomato. Another one of these great kids’ lunch ideas that is easy, tasty and packed full of flavour.

Want to know how to make these feasts? Take a look at our eBook – 20 great lunchbox ideas from leftovers.