Prevent your home from leaking money


It’s so easy for our homes to leak money if we’re not careful about how we use energy and water.  Here’s a guide on some of the simplest savings you can start making today.

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Five tips to save money in the home:

1. Draughts

Full draft-proofing can save you £55 a year. Check your windows, doors, floors and letter boxes; fix these with self-adhesive strips, sealants and draught excluders.

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2. Insulate

Insulating your loft can save you £225 a year, and cavity wall insulation can save around £110 a year.

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See how to apply for low-cost insulation loans here.

3. Drips and leaks

A dripping tap costs us £7 per year, while leaking pipes can cost us much more.

4. Switches and dials

Save money by turning off lights when leaving a room, even if the bulbs are energy-saving.  Also remember not to leave appliances on standby or charge things unnecessarily.

Turn down the thermostat if you can; reducing your room temperature by 1°C can cut your heating bills by up to 10% and save you around £60 per year.

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5. Kitchen savings

Kettles: only boil the water you need. You could save up to £7 a year.

Make sure diswashers and washing machines are full before turning them on.

Turn off the tap when you don’t need it!  A running tap wastes six litres of water a minute.

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