Welcome to MyFamilyClub!

Gemma introduces MyFamilyClub

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To all our lovely site users: welcome!

MyFamilyClub is a brand new website to help parents stretch those two all-important treasures that we don’t seem to have enough of: money and time.

It’s the third baby of our CEO, Gemma Johnson, who found it a struggle to manage on a reduced budget when she had her two children.

She felt she needed more hand holding in order to understand the complexities of how to manage financially as a family unit, and was also desperate for any practical information that would help make her increasingly busy, hectic life run more smoothly.

MyFamilyClub is her answer to this.  The team here has one goal in mind: to help families live a better quality of life by helping them to save money and stretch time.

A lot of hard work has gone into MyFamilyClub. Our goal is to enable the 20,000,000 families in the UK to buy smarter, reduce their outgoings and free up more time to enjoy family life.

We’d love to hear from you, so please send your thoughts, comments, feedback and experiences to [email protected]

myfamilyclub team