10 ways to organise your workspace for under £10

home office

home officeFinding stylish solutions to organise your home workspace doesn’t have to dent your budget. We pick 10 stylish ways to create clutter-free calm from chaos – and all for under a tenner.

1. Two-drawer box (£7.95)

Keep bits and bobs in one handy place with the Muji acrylic two-drawer box. Clear Perspex means you can see what’s in your stationary treasure trove, from paper clips and staples to stamps. Plus the units are stackable, so you can add on storage to suit your needs.

2. Phone desk charging station (£8)

Give a phone a home in the Mobi Desk Charging Station. This mobile phone dock has a central storage space for phone or iPod with a rear opening for the charger cable, so you can always keep it juiced up and close at hand – plus a handy outer-edge tray for loose change and other fiddly things.

3. Letter rack (£4.69)

A letter rack might seem slightly retro, but there’s no better way to keep all your incoming post in one place until you can get round to sorting it. The POST Letter rack is a good size with a handcrafted finish and a quirky design.

4. Business card filing cabinet (£9.99)

Even in the online age the business card endures, but how do you store them in an effective way? The Mini Business Card Filing Cabinet might look like a gimmick, but it stores up to 800 cards alphabetically – and it’s around £5 cheaper than a basic Rolodex.

5. Magazine file set (£6.75 for two)

File magazines and folders in the Knuff magazine file set. Made from untreated wood these are the essence of functional Swedish pragmatism – if they’re a little plain for your tastes treat them with oil, paint or cover them with collage and varnish for a personal touch.

6. A4 document box (£6.99)

Buy budget style from iconic designer Laura Ashley with the Laura Ashley A4 Document Box at WHSmith. Store papers and documents in this study box, covered with the black and white floral Marciana design – even better, the boxes are currently part of a buy one, get one half price promotion in store.

7. Post-it note dispenser (£8.99)

Keep your hands on your sticky notes with the natty Apple Post-It Note Dispenser. This handy refillable gizmo comes ready loaded with 50 yellow Post-Its – and is weighted to allow you to use with one hand – leaving the other to type…or just drink tea.

8. Push pins (£6)

Drawing pins are so last year! Instead, invest in stylish Bamboo Push Pins, perfect for keeping papers and to-do lists in place on corkboards. Even better, you’ll never step on an upturned one in bare feet by accident.

9. Cable tidy clips (£5.99)

Tame a spaghetti tangle of wires with the Wire Blooms Cable Tidy Clips. This set of 13 decorative nail-in cable clips turns unsightly cable mess into a design feature – training them up the wall and keeping them out of the way.

10. Wall planner (£10)

Organise your year with the 2012 Lollipop Designs Wall Planner. This funky limited edition wall calendar puts 12 months at your fingertips, to fill it and cover with Post-Its. Plus green credentials include vegetable ink print and thick heavyweight 100% recyclable paper.