Family-friendly work

family friendly work

Finding work that doesn’t compromise the family can seem impossible. You want to be there for the children, plus you need time to keep on top of everything. So here are some suggestions that might work for you.

1. Child-minding

If you want to work yet be there for your children, retraining as a childminder is a great option. It can also pay extremely well. You can study while the kids are in bed or at school, and course fees can be paid in instalments. Ask about adult education at your local library.

2. Home telesales

If you’re confident on the phone and have a PC, you could earn uncapped commission. Others pay an hourly rate, and you choose the hours. These opportunities are often listed on job websites so it’s worth applying to several of them.

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3. Rent out your parking

If you live somewhere where parking is expensive or limited like near a train station, you can rent out your parking space. You say when the space is available or not – and usually set the price. If this is your only income it’ll be tax-free, too. Check out our guide on other ways to make money from your assets at home.

4. School work

If you’re after a term-time role, there are several school-based options. But roles like School Secretary, Learning Support and Exam Moderator are all fiercely fought over because they’re term-time only. So send your CV and arrange meetings with head teachers yourself, instead of waiting for job ads to apply for.

5. Franchise

If you fancy running your own business in hours that suit you, this could be really empowering. There are endless options online from children’s books and birthday cards, to pampering products and local magazines. Or have a look on MumAndWorking for a list. Don’t be put off by the business aspects, as most offer excellent support and training.

6. Mystery shopping

If you like the idea of shopping undercover, this is right up your street! It’s not a big money spinner but you’re paid in cash or gift vouchers for rating how good a service or product is. Register with a few online to get started.

7. Ironing services

If you have a service that others can’t or won’t do, you could make money from it. It could be doing people’s laundry, typing, or mowing their lawn. Pop a flyer on school notice boards and book-bags, and chat to mums on the school run to advertise your services.

8. Secretarial

If you have good pc skills and only want to work now and then, temping could be ideal – plus you can make sure you’re not far from your kids’ school. Register with a few local agencies to spread your net.  Do specify the hours you’re available for, for example no more than two days a week during term time. Some work can be home based, too.

9. Rent out a room

If you have a spare furnished room and don’t mind a stranger in your house, this is an easy route to tax-free cash. Provide meals or laundry services too and you can charge even more. The government’s Rent a Room scheme will tell you how to go about it.

10. Flexible Jobs

If you’re after a professional role on a part-time or flexible basis, register with an organisation like Women Like Us or Working Mums. Both will send regular emails detailing the roles they have in, and you’ll find family-friendly employer lists there too.

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