Getting ready for work in a hurry

orange battery shaped alarm clock

orange battery shaped alarm clockYou’ve just ironed your suit at break-neck speed and put your make-up on, only for the kids to smear Marmite on your skirt and greasy fingermarks all over your face!



Follow our tips for working mums to make getting ready quicker and easier…

  • On Sunday evenings, work out your working wardrobe for the week, iron anything that needs it and put outfits together on hangers.
  • Don’t make work for yourself by switching between a work handbag and a weekend handbag – you’ll only end up forgetting vital things like your purse or phone. Keep one bag on the go at all times that always has everything you need in it.
  • Always keep your bus, rail or car park pass in your bag – and put it straight back there when you’ve used it. Don’t leave it in a jacket or trouser pocket or you’ll waste valuable time in the morning rifling through clothes to find it.
  • Have one set place for keys that you place them in every time you get home.
  • The night before, check over your outfit and lay out your underwear, making sure there are no holes in your socks or tights!
  • Decide what shoes you are wearing with your outfit and place these in a pair near the door. Give them a wipe if necessary.
  • Check the weather report on the telly and get your umbrella, coat and hat and gloves out and ready to go.
  • Try to do as much of your beauty routine as you can the night before – it’s no use trying to shave your underarms or pluck your eyebrows at 7.30 in the morning while trying to find the kids’ PE kits.
  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes before the kids get up and use this time to shower and get dressed. If you worry about waking them up, leave your clothes and your hairdryer downstairs the night before – or as far away from their bedroom as you can.
  • If you have long hair, perfect the up-do and abandon trying to blow dry to perfection.
  • As soon as you are dressed put a dressing gown over your work clothes until the very last moment – that way you will avoid grubby hands getting mess all over your outfit.
  • If you have a small baby, do morning nappy changes and any feeding before you get dressed.
  • Use beauty products that are quick to apply – such as wipes – and pack everything else in your handbag.
  • Keep your make-up bag in your handbag with a pocket mirror and, if you get chance, apply it in the kitchen while supervising breakfast. Failing that, apply on your journey, or in the toilets when you get to work.
  • Wear one set of jewellery for the week and don’t take it off, or keep alternative earrings and necklaces in your handbag so you can switch on your way to work.
  • If your office is safe, keep smart shoes, jackets and accessories at your desk and wear trainers and a casual coat on the journey. If you can, keep spare tights and toiletries in your drawer for emergencies.